Cosplay: Baby 5 (One Piece)

Baby 5, member of the Happo Navy who was previously part of the Donquixote Pirates serving under the Pica army. She was abandoned by her own mother, thus she is incapable of turning down anyones favours. She is quickly delighted by the notion that she is needed by someone. She is also engaged to Sai because of the fact that he needs her.

This magnificent cosplay of Baby 5 from the world of One Piece was done by MeganCoffey, if you like what she’s done with Baby 5, she has some fantastic looking cosplay of other One Piece characters such as Nami and Perona. She also has some other fantastic cosplay of other characters. If you like her work, be sure to check her out, otherwise share this page with other fans of One Piece and anime in general.

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