Power of Bijuus – Killer B, Utakata, Roshi and Han

The power of Bijuus drastically changes the more tails the beast has, from Gyuki to Saiken, Son Goku and Kokuo, they are all significally strong and can fight against many strong opponents. Their Jinchuuriki’s also known as Killer B, Utakata, Roshi and Han are all strong individuals able to control and use their Tailed Beasts abilities to command and do what they will.


This magnificent image of all four of these tailed beasts and their respective Jinchuuriki’s were drawn by NarutoPants, if you like any Naruto artwork, I’m sure you’ve seen theirs before. They have some insane cool and awesome artwork which I’m sure you’ll fall in love it. Check them out, otherwise share this with other fans of Naruto along with the Jinchuuriki’s and Tailed Beasts.

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