Sting’s White Shadow Dragon! Fighting Larcade – Fairy Tail 511

Fairy Tail 511 see’s Sting actually fighting back against Larcade. However Larcade uses his advantage and powers to fight Sting in a manner where he has to knock out his comrades for a while. Then absorbs Rogue’s powers in order to fight and defeat Larcade using his White Shadow Dragon powers.

Fairy Tail 511 begins as Sting asks the reason why Larcade smells like Natsu, to which others answer that Natsu and Zeref and brothers and that Larcade is Zeref’s son. Still Sting mentions that him and Natsu sell the exact same, to which Larcade mentions that Natsu, in a way, is also Zeref’s child. Larcade attacks but Sting eats it all up.

Then attacks back using his Holy Ray and follows up by using his Holy Nova. However, Larcade then uses his Soul of the Forbidden Meal which makes everyone hungry. Larcade then uses his cross and attacks, this then changes their perception as Sting begins to see Lector as food. This also affects everyone else.

Frosch realises that his hungry but will wait for Rogue till he can eat. Sting thus realises whats going on and takes everyone out for the meanwhile. Sting is hungry and has no energy, he tries to fight Larcade, but Larcade punishes Sting for being a part of Fairy Tail. Sting gets hurt but pushes the cross out of his body, he mentions that he shall fight for Fairy Tail and Natsu.

Yukino disappears and Rogue appears, he mentions that Minerva sent him, he is also out of power thus the only option is for Rogue to be eaten, or part of his power. Sting does this as his body changes into light and darkness. He powers up into his White Shadow Dragon form, he’s all fired up while Larcade is about to put Sting to sleep with his RIP/Rest In Piece method. Fairy Tail 511 ends here.

Seems like these chapters are getting weirder and weirder. While Larcade fights on, stuff like the food and the eating people ruins the whole atmosphere of what Fairy Tail should be. Anyways, what did you think? Comment below, I personally can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 512, titled “Sting The Whit Shadow Dragon” should be good.

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    1. Sunite

      Agreed, on top of which Sting will most likely win, although if Hiro wants to take Larcade into more Natsu/Zeref/Laracade/Mavis story line. Then I think Sting will lose here, as August mentioned only Mavis can defeat him.



    Let me just say, it does look a bit weird, but I’m glad Larcade has lived up to his hype, and while his powers do seem weird and twisted, its not on the level you would see in Attack On Titan and Akame Ga Kill, so don’t let in bother you.
    Also if Larcade gets defeated, I think he will only be brought down, for a while then gets back up, plus mental breakdown characters like these have a habit of getting back up later, and act only more crazy.

    All and all good chapter. Also I thought back, and when Sting mentioned that Larcade and Natsu smell the same, I forgot that Natsu should have tell they were related because of his Dragon nose, when they first meet…must be because of that curse.

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      1. LPEAST

        Same here, the moment we first got his full name, I had a feeling he wasn’t a natural human, I don’t think he is a Demon though, however I do know he was created somehow, probably with magic, with maybe his hair and Mavis too.


  2. nickdunnaquatic

    How exactly does Laracde’s magic work? Does he target as specific sin and enhances that sin to the point where they become to crippled in that sin fight? Because before he used pleasure as a weapon and now he’s using hunger, which represents Lust and Gluttony. I’ll bet his strongest magic will be pride.


    1. LPEAST

      From what I can tell, his power works by targeting a persons desire not sin. As before he used that wide range Pleasure attack, that affected everyone who had done some sort of “forbidden pleasure”, (sex would be one of them, but also in Mavis & Zeref’s case, it might have been when they couldn’t avoid given into their biggest desire, Mavis being using an incomplete Law, and Zeref trying to bring his brother back from the death). If he used this power against Acnologia, I can see why it would be affected on him, because I would think Acnologia greatest desire, was when he went rogue and goes on his crazy rampage.

      So far we have had the desires sex, hunger now he is about to use sleep, and from what I can tell, that would be his strongest magic.


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