Gaara’s Loneliness! Shikamaru’s Friends – Naruto Shippuden 482

Naruto Shippuden 482 see’s Gaara’s past, even as far as to see his mother’s face. We also learn that Kankuro and Temari were there at the start but Gaara’s father shut them out from him. Shikamaru’s story focuses on his school and friends life with Choji and Naruto by his side at the time.

Naruto Shippuden 482 has to be one of the slowest Naruto episodes ever. Gaara tries to befriend Temari and Kankuro but his father stops that, he finds that he is better friends with Yashamaru, he is taken care of by him, all while Temari notices that something might be wrong and that something will happen in the future, which it definitely has.

Shikamaru gets to trouble when he flings a pencil at Choji, Naruto joins in and are made to stand outside, they all eat a few chips and fall asleep while standing. Naruto tries to protect Hinata from bullies while Choji and Shikamaru have some friendly banter. They also annoy Ino who shows up with a flower to give to some (most likely Sasuke), the episode ends somewhere there. Naruto Shippuden 482 ends here.

A deeply boring and slow episode, I had to watch it at two or even three times the speed, and it felt like the usual normal speed. These episodes are truly being butchered, it has come to a point where it’s no longer a series I can truly like because of the crap they’re doing here. Unnecessary crap. Naruto Shippuden 483, will be titled “Jiraiya – Kakashi”, lets see what that brings.

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  1. nickdunnaquatic

    It sucks how annoyingly greedy this show has become. Squeezing out all the money they can with this. It doesn’t even feel like a real ending when these crappy fillers.


      1. nickdunnaquatic

        If they did than I’ll watch that, sense that is interesting. However, I find it strange that Karien isn’t Saradas mother. Sasuke doesn’t even seem to care about Sakura like that.

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    I do enjoy the story structure of these episodes though, as a former film student they remind of films that took a creative direct approach. With how these scenes are placed, by cutting off with a black scene, then we get to the next scene straight away.


    1. Sunite

      I understand the creative approach and stance they hold, but for fans of the series, I feel like it might be a bit of an insult to stretch it out so much with irrelevant stuff like this.


  3. dreager1

    It’s definitely amazing that the show is still going on. I gotta give you credit for sticking with the show consistently for so long. I definitely need to take long breaks between the episodes so it doesn’t get to be too much. I do think the series will really pick up once we get to the Gaiden/Boruto stuff, but until then it’s going to be rough.


      1. dreager1

        Do you know if there’s been any mention on how long these one shot fillers will last until we get to the Gaidens? I thought we’d hopefully get a Boruto adaption once all of those are gone, but it’s definitely hard to tell with these writers. If they’re buying time for the manga to get farther, I feel like it’ll be quite a while.

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        1. Sunite

          I hope we get the ending of the series and a look at the future of the Naruto series. But I guess we saw a lot of that in the movie. Actually, I don’t fully know how long they’ll last, I’m sure it’ll be a few more weeks, hope it isn’t months.

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  4. nectarinia

    Are you really will stick with these fillers till the end?
    I’m afraid you’ll just wasting your 30 minutes every week just because those crappy fillerutos lol,
    Yea I know you still waiting for Gaiden anime but still… you should take a break from filleruto, cheers! XD


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