Makarov’s Fairy Law! Trump Card – Fairy Tail 505

Fairy Tail 505 see’s the use of Fairy Law by the hands on Makarov as it seems like he himself realises that his own brats are being overthrown, thus uses it to give them an advantage to fight and win this war, in exchange, it could mean the end for Makarov. Everyone notices it’s use after we see Fairy Law showing us a bright environment.

Fairy Tail 505 begins as Eileen goes on to enable her magic where it takes over all her soldiers, she enhances them tot he point where they seem to go crazy and are quite strong. She calls it berserker, it even pushes Erza back. It goes on to defeat many of the forces of Fairy Tail as Eileen wants to see what Mavis responds with.

Makarov mentions that this might be their final stand, to which Erza mentions that it is not as she shall create an opening. Makarov already decides that he shall use Fairy Law, everyone is happy to see its use but Mavis shows up and mentions that it shall take his own life if he even tries to cast it because it’ll cover all of the enemies.

Makarov even goes as far as to disrespect Mavis as he mentions that she may see everyone as soldiers but Makarov cares about his brats. They are suffering and this shall only help them in the long run. He cannot just stand idly by and watch his family’s blood being shed any longer. his job is simple, it is to secure their future.

He thanks them and enables Fairy Law! It fills the whole environment with a bright light as he mentions for them to be well, he does not have any regrets. Makarov’s body lays still in the same position, it seems like we’ve seen the last time Makarov shall fight, his actions have been engraved into the hearts of his family. Fairy Tail 505 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, I did not see this coming, especially as something like this will kill Makarov, I just hope that he doesn’t come back like many of the other characters who have already died. Nevertheless, it has been a fantastic chapter, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 506, titled “Broken bonds”, should be great.

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    Its hard to take it serious to me, because Hiro has used this card so many times, especially with Makarov:
    With Phantom Lord.
    When Laxus revolted.
    With Hades.
    With Acnologia.
    Then with Zeref.

    I don’t imagine him dying before saying his final goodbye to Laxus, but at the least if he does come out alive, he better not use his magic anymore, after a spell like that.

    (But damn, Hiro don’t over use the “dying card” too many times, but take it back at the last minute, its now hard to take it seriously now)


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