Zeref Meets Mavis! Zera Appears – Fairy Tail 490

Fairy Tail 490 see’s Zeref and Mavis meeting after Eileen rearranges and takes apart Fiore and puts it back together. Zeref has what he’s looking for right in front of him, which is the Fairy Heart. Everyone is confused to their location as they seem to be about to fight the Alvarez soldiers. Gajeel wakes up and meets Zera, she introduces herself as the origin of the fairies.

Fairy Tail 490 begins as we repeat the moment Mavis and Zera had in terms of just before she had disappeared. She told her that all the fairies will live within her heart, and Zera will do the same. Mavis wakes up to a crumbling guild hall. She isn’t wearing anything, she clicks her fingers and uses her illusions to wear some clothes.

She notices that no one is at the guild hall, she is alone, except for when Zeref appears sitting down. She asks what has happened to everyone, and that he hasn’t done anything, it was done by someone else. She asks what business he has being there, when Zeref asks what business she has even being alive.

Natsu, Happy and Lucy are all together, although they don’t seem to know where they are, they are unable to find their bearings. Elsewhere, we see an unconscious Erza, Gray and Juvia all together. They also don’t know where they are. Wendy and Carla are also searching for others, but don’t know where to go.

Makarov and others who were in the guild hall are also somewhere else, they find that Mirajane and Lisanna are also together. They notice a large number of Alvarez soldiers approaching them, thus Makarov mentions that they should get ready for battle. All while the geography of Fiore has changed.

August and Brandish are together, she reduced the size of his wound as he explains that Eileen has used her compression magic. She enchanted the whole nation and changed the very shape of it. She rearranged it’s geography and thus made it to her preference. This cause Zeref to get closer to Mavis and Acnologia much further. It’s to bring a quick her to the war.

Zeref tells Mavis that the land of Fiore is about 1/20 it’s size, and that Eileen is trying to end the war in its early stages. Zeref even goes as far as to mention that due to her efforts, he now lands in front of what he seeks, which is the Fairy Heart. All while Eileen is at the Fiore Castle where she sits on the throne, she mentions that experiment seems to work.

Natsu, Lucy and Happy are nearby to the Kardia Cathedral and the Mercurious where Eileen currently is. On top of which it seems they shall go in to see them. We see Gajeel wake up, he thought he’d be in hell somewhere, but a form begins to form, this is where we see Zera show up, she introduces herself as one of the fairies of origin. Fairy Tail 490 ends here.

The chapter seems to be going well, and the battle seems like it’s going to end soon if Zeref can get Mavis and the Fairy Heart. Nevertheless, having Zera come back will be quite surprising. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 491, titled “Mother and Child” which seems like a interesting chapter name.

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  1. Hugo

    Mashima doesn’t assume deaths in fairy tail . Gajeel was an example , he had the saddest death ever and what Mashima doing , 2 chapters later ? He wasted that


    1. Stephanie

      Yep….character development wasted….seriously Gajeel’s death would’ve been great character development for several characters! He was Lisanna’d!!!!


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