Universe One! Acnologia vs Eileen – Fairy Tail 489

Fairy Tail 489 see’s Eileen vs Acnologia fight against one another, but Eileen uses the trap she had placed onto the whole land of Fiore to fight against Acnologia. All while Cana uses her Fairy Glitter abilities in order to destroy the crystal which holds Mavis, she does so releasing Mavis from it.

Fairy Tail 489 begins as August sets out his attack, he waves his hands across Brandish, she falls to the ground. Lucy goes to help but August looks upon Lucy which causes Natsu to try to block his attack. He tells them to all dissolve to oblivion which causes a large explosion which can be see by everyone.

At the same time, we see Fairy Glitter being used by Cana, she uses her, it destroys Mavis’ body, at the same time, we see the crystal Mavis is in breaks. Mavis is alive but currently she is unable to move. She mentions that her body is sore all over.

Eileen and Acnologia begin their battle, Eileen releases a large atmospheric attack upon Acnologia which forces Acnologia to defend and send it at a different direction. Acnologia mentions that she seems to have the ability to bestow magic onto things. A high enchanter. Acnologia laughs to himself.

Acnologia mentions that she seems to have learned her magic from Zeref, she has definitely caught his interest. She thanks him, she also mentions that his magic is magnificent too. She has come to understand why Zeref fears him. However, if Zeref manages to get the Fairy Heart then he will be able to wield powers which trumps Acnologia.

If he was about to tell him to leave humans alone, then he shouldn’t even try, he has no intention of listening. Eileen mentions that she heard that he was once a human, thus what he’s said is a little poor. However, the last thing she wants is for him to get in their way. All while Zeref thinks that this is all but a game to him so that they may bring a swift conclusion.

Thus she shall be the one to get his act together. She lands her staff onto the ground. A white layer is added to their surrounding which lies on the ground. Acnologia mentions that it seems that he doesn’t know this type of magic. This is when Eileen mentions that this is a new type of magic, it’s the magic of the new era.

The earth itself seems to have enveloped the entire area. The land itself has been covered with her magic. Acnologia asks who exactly she is, to which she mentions that she is Eileen, and that she hopes that they will meet once again. Everyone on the battlefield see’s the great white light, they are unable to see anything else. Zeref knows that Eileen used the magic, World Reconstruction Magic: Universe One! Fairy Tail 489 ends here.

A pretty fantastic chapter, seem’s like we’ll be getting an amazing chapter soon. This magic seems like it’ll relocate everything and everyone on the battlefield. It might even screw up everyone’s plans. I can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 490, titled “Fairy Tail Zero”, should be awesome.

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  1. Sageofthe6paths

    That was a cool chapter but i wonder how Mavis body was alive the whole time? And what about the curse back then when she was with Zeref?



    August & Irene DELIVERED!!!!!!
    The hype building up for them, was all going to be a waste I thought, but HIRO DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!
    August went all out, without even saying the name of his attack, just did it in a flash, AUGUST IS 100% BADASS LADIES & GENTLEMEN!!!!!


  3. AJ

    Sup people! Yeah I like fairy tail too lol…but im totally feeling Elieen right now and everything about her and I like how shes handling herself against someone who humans cant even touch. I also like her two sub’s Hynhe and Juliet. Anyway Sooo idk if anyone seen that panel of Eileen asking to get started before striking acno with her enchantment but if you look closely her eyes aren’t matching like shes missing her eyelashes lol. I think Hiro did it on purpose cause she looks hella like Erza in one and Herself in the other. If Eileen isn’t Ezra’s mother I highly believe that they are twins even tho she has a cesarean scar on her abdomen. I hope its the latter twins cause she looks way too young for all that. Anyway yeah lol. I actually like all the female spriggs and acno cause he’s a monster.


  4. AnimeGamer441

    @AJ did you just understand that ? xD yeah she lost it in the tower of heaven at young age and she got an artificial aye from Porlyuschka-san (the Edolas Grandine). It’s because of this eye, she was able to defeat Midnight from Oracion Seis a long ago.


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