Hagoromo and Hamura’s Seal! Zetsu’s Plan – Naruto Shippuden 462

Naruto Shippuden 462 continues on with the battle against Kaguya as now both Hagoromo and Hamura step into battle against her in an effort to fight and seal her creating the moon. Whilst, Zetsu was created and thus plans from the darkness for Kaguya to come back which he plans very well. All while Kaguya mentions that he’s very unhappy about Hagoromo and Hamura.

Naruto Shippuden 462 begins as it seems that Hagoromo has been able to master Sage Powers, they receive some news that Hamura is in bad condition. On top of which, we see that Kaguya has taken control of Hamura after Hagomoro tries to fight against her. A controlled Hamura fights against Hagomoro which forces him to use his abilities and try his best to kill him, which activates his Rinnegan.

After Hamura slowly gets closer to death, we see that Gamamaru had given him a tag with sage powers able to do a numerous number of things. Of which, Kaguya gets up and she’s angry. She sets the Ten Tails off which has her will as she controls it. The battle went on for a very long time, but both Hagoromo and Hamura seal her using the Planetary Devastation, but before this, Zetsu was released from her.

Everyone under the power of the Ten Tails is released, while also the beast being split into 9 different beasts with different tails. Hamura mentions that he shall take care of Kaguya keeping her at bay. On top of which, some time passes with Indra and Ashura being passed down the power and Ninshu.

We see that the tablet belonging to the Uchiha was changed by Zetsu which cause all the people who incarnated as Indra and Ashura being ones that he messed with. On top of which, Zetsu was able to see what Madara had done with Izanagi, and thus he was able to get his own Rinnegan. On top of which, Zetsu pretended in being Madara’s will. All while he planned and caused chaos while messing with groups such as Akatsuki and so on, this is where Naruto Shippuden 462 ends.

A pretty good episode, seems like we’ll be returning to the main canon soon with next week’s Naruto Shippuden 463, titled “The No.1 Most Unpredictable Ninja” being the episode where we go to another world, we’ll see what happens next as Kaguya tries to kill them to build her old world again.

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