Loving Relationship – Sarada and Sakura

We got a Sarada special manga a few months back bidding the question if Sakura really is Sarada’s mother, we all questioned if she really is after DNA matched between Sarada and Karin, but it was later revealed to be fake in terms of Karin being the one who delivered Sarada from Sakura. As this minimalistic image shows, their relationship is very strong, even if she has doubts, she knows who cares about her.

Sarada and Sakura by Esther-fun-world

A pretty awesome image if you ask me, a little simple but shows the nature of their relationship which is most likely worth more then a thousand words. If you like this work, go ahead to check out Esther-fun-world, they have some amazing looking fan art, be sure to check them out. Otherwise go ahead and share this page with other fans of Sarada, Sakura or just Naruto as a series.

What do you think?

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