Itachi’s Sharingan! Friends – Naruto Shippuden 453

Naruto Shippuden 453 see’s the story continue with Itachi, he goes on a mission with his own team to find a cat who can speak and has recently had his heart-broken. After which Itachi helps his friend out, all while remembering that in the future, we would see Obito kill Itachi’s friends when he showed up.

Naruto Shippuden 453, well there isn’t a lot to explain with this episode. We see Itachi go on one of his missions where he along with his team try to find a cat who lost his love. He went on ahead to find it, beat it and bring it back to its original location.

At the same time, we see that one of his friends actually owes him one for helping him out. Some time later, we see Sasuke get a little older when we see that Itachi tries to remember the moments when his friend gave his life up as he fought against Obito who was known as Tobi at the time. He gains his Sharingan as he cries at the death of his friends, Naruto Shippuden 453 ends here.

An okay chapter, took me a while to watch as I was busy for a long time, nevertheless, it seems like it will get better as time goes on. Can’t wait for more in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 454, titled “Shisui’s Request”.

There is one comment

  1. Hesuka Hunters

    What is the thing that Itachi’s friend, the girl eating dumplings with him in the river, can’t give him when asked about what he wants ?


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