Laxus defeats Tempesta! Erza vs Kyouka – Fairy Tail 256

Fairy Tail 256 see’s the fight between Laxus vs Tempesta end as Laxus takes care of him with his power when Tempesta turns his body into Anti-Magic Particle in his effort to kill them, however Gray appears and freezes everything to save them. All while, Seilah and Kyouka try to activate Face, all while Mirajane and Erza arrive to try and stop them, Kyouka vs Erza begins once again.

Fairy Tail 256 begins as everyone looks for Laxus but are unable to find him. While everyone has been bashed down, we see Laxus go on ahead to try and take Tempesta down, he try to push Laxus back again and again, however he doesn’t give up. Laxus is being bashed at every counterattack he tries.

Laxus tries his best but he’s pushed over and over again, multiple times. As Laxus tries to punch him down, Tempesta hits Laxus down with numerous number of rocks. We see that Laxus is slowly recovering when Natsu knocks on his door as he tries to tell him that they’re going to help out the other council members.

Laxus gets punches when he holds onto Tempesta’s hand, he pulls it up when Laxus also stands up with it. He enables his lightning when he punches Tempesta, blood spills onto his coat as it can be used as an antidote, he lands on the ground afterwards. We see Makarov walk towards Fairy Tail HQ, possibly to find something.

Seconds later we see Tempesta up and moving as he mentions that he has healing abilities that cannot be compared to, he can use it whenever he’s hurt. Thus the only way to win against him is to attack him with all their power all at once. Laxus realises that there is water everywhere, which he uses to attack all with all his power.

Tempesta realises that he’s been defeated and that he will now give up his body to produce Anti-Magic particles which appear, however seconds later, we see Gray appear as he uses his anti-demon powers to disable it, he tells Gajeel that he will take down Tartarus.

Later on we see Erza and others trapped into Seilah and Kyouka’s trap as the chairman is still alive. However Mirajane appears and tries her best to disable Seilah, which she does really well that Kyouka is forced to absorb Seilah’s power in order to win. We then see out next battle between Erza vs Kyouka next. Fairy Tail 256 ends here.

A good episode, more and more fights are happening and it seems that we’ll be getting the final battle between Erza vs Kyouka up next, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 257, titled “Wings of Despair”, can’t wait!

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