Cosplay Monday: Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame Hoshigaki, along with being a master of the seas, he’s someone who is largely feared as the Monster of the Hidden Leaf. Kisame is a masters swordsman who is able to use Samehada to its full extent as well as to transforms into someone who can fuse with it and battle all types of enemies. As seen here, is Kisame Hoshigaki cosplay without his Akatsuki robe.

A wonderful piece of cosplay from MisterAlterEgo who has a number of fantastic pieces of cosplay from many different anime, if you like this piece, be sure to visit his profile to see their other work. Otherwise be sure to comment down below and share this piece to your favourite social.

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          1. Nick Dunn

            Ya I’m such a dork. I really wanted to do it cause Bleach is known to be very graphic. Kubo even said he likes drawing injures and backgrounds alot. I’ll tell you, before Bleach, I used to get very sick at the sight of blood. I would get sweaty and nauseous. But after seeing Bleach, my sight of guts and blood aren’t so bad. The chapter in Bleach that really freaked me out when I was younger was seeing Ayon rip off Rangiku’s right hip. That shit gave me nightmares!


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