Franmalth Defeated! Release The Light – Fairy Tail 245

Fairy Tail 245 see’s Franmalth defeated after he tries to outdo Natsu, Lucy and Happy. While his defeat is imminent, we also see Hades’ spirit tell Natsu to tell Makarov to “release the light” in order to prevent Tartarus’ true objective. On top of which Neo-Minerva appears to continue her battle against Erza while Kyouka goes to wake up their Master END.

Fairy Tail 245 begins as everyone notices that the magic in their area has not disappeared, thus it seems that Carla and Wendy have done it. Kyouka also notices this as Erza transforms into another form of hers and shows that her magic is not gone. Franmalth is not happy, he knows that someone has to pay, thus Franmalth tries to attack Natsu but misses, then uses Hades’ Amaterasu in order to defeat them.

Kyouka runs off when Minerva arrives at the scene, calling herself Neo-Minerva. Kyouka realises that she needs to wake up the master, Master END. Natsu keeps on getting beaten up by one of Franmalth’s attacks. Then reaches to them and begins taking their power and strength.

Natsu realises that he’s trying to take their souls, when Natsu tells the others to never give up, think about who they are and what they want, and who they’re trying to protect. Natsu wants to see Igneel, Happy wants Fight and Carla, while Lucy wants to be with the guild and Celestial Spirit.

She realises that Aries and Taurus are with Franmalth thus she wants to force gate close Taurus’s’ body, however Franmalth just ex-pulses him from his own body to get rid of him. Then Lucy realises that she needs to do the same for Aries, then tricks Franmalth by trying to close Natsu’s gate, this leads him to get free and thus he smashes a large rock on Franmalth, thus he’s quickly defeated and all the souls he absorbed are set free.

Hades’ soul appears and tells them that the real intention of Tartarus have not been fulfilled, they plan on doing something else, not Face. Thus he tells them to tell Makarov to “Release the Light”. Happy goes to tell Makarov of the message while Franmalth mentions he shall just be reborn again.

Seilah battles against Mirajane, out of nowhere we see Ezel appear in one of the large test tubes telling Seilah to fix him up so he can go and defeat Wendy and Carla. Lamy somehow tells them of the Hells Core, thus allows for Mirajane to quickly destroy all of them after she was connected with the demons in her own tube.

Next up Mirajane uses her Sitra demon, while Seilah releases her own limiter and gets really strong, she does so and quickly gears into action as Mirajane is beat down so hard. There is very little hope for them at this point.

Elsewhere we see Meredy and Jellal with the previous members of Oracion Seis as they discuss why they’re following him. Cobra can hear a number of screams out him, thus he’d like to see what Jellal can do for him in order to prevent these screams as well as to defeat Zeref. Fairy Tail 245 ends here.

A pretty good chapter, Mirajane will have to fight hard in order to win against Seilah with her current power up, on top of which the talk about Releasing the Light seems like something much bigger here. On top of which next week’s Fairy Tail 246, titled “King of the Underworld” will see a few new members appears as part of Tartarus, really strong individuals.

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