Against The Judgement – Bleach Volume 69 Cover

Bleach Volume 69 cover has been released and guess what? It looks magnificent, featuring Bazz B on the cover, looking hurt and wounded, it being titled “Against The Judgement”. This title is quite significant as the judgement made by Yhwach upon Stern Ritter’s is something that Bazz-B, Liltotto and Giselle saw as betrayal from their leader.

Against The Judgement Bleach Volume 69 Cover

So what are your opinions on this magnificent looking cover for Bleach Volume 69? Go ahead and comment down below telling me and everyone else what your opinions are of this cover.

Personally I think that the fact that Kubo wanted to cover a Quincy this deeply suggest that Bazz B was very significant to the story, on top of which putting Jugram on a pedal stool where he will definitely be important later on in the chapters. Plus the way Kubo has drawn Bazz B, looks pretty damn awesome if I say so myself.

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  1. Nick Dunn

    I like it. It looks very good! I know Volume 68 came out a couple weeks ago, Askin was on the cover. I Like That Bazz-B got the next one sense he died. Sense Giselle already got her volume cover in 65, I’m expecting Liltotto to have one in the near future. If she survives of course.


    1. Sunite

      Hmm this is interesting, if Bazz got this one, could Jugram get the next one? (If he’s not got one yet). Or maybe Pernida? If he can hold on long enough against Mayuri and Zaraki.


      1. Nick Dunn

        Askin got volume 67. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Pernida gets volume 70. I believe the Quincy that will get the next volume covers are Jugram, Uryu, Liltotto ( if she’s alive) Pernida, Lille, and Gerard. For the Shinigami I think Shunsui, Jushiro, any of the Visord, Shutara, Kirio, and Tenjiro.


      1. Nick Dunn

        I agree. He written Bazz-B in his final chapters that make me like him better. I like that he did the same with the Schutzstaffel, Liltotto and Giselle. I like how he gives certain Quincy good character development. Especially Jugram. Bazz-B’s death made him more human than before.


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