Madara vs Guy! Sasuke and Naruto Saved – Naruto Shippuden 418

Naruto Shippuden 418 see’s the beginning of a battle whereby Might Guy unleashes his Seventh Gate of Shock and critically attacks Madara, however as he’s not down yet, we’ll see Guy’s Eight Gate of Death soon. We also peak into his past with his father and how he overcame being unable to infuse chakra. Kabuto appears as he begins helping Sasuke after realizing who he truly is.

Naruto Shippuden 418 begins as Orochimaru and others run towards Sasuke in order to help and aid him. Karin desperately see’s that a bad person surrounds Sasuke. But as they reach there, we see Kabuto aiding Sasuke by giving him the chakra and energy he desperately needs in order to wake up again.

Kabuto also tells Orochimaru that Itachi’s Izanami helped him to realise who his true self is, he was able to find himself in all that he was. He’s been able to find out that all that he is now is nothing more than add ons, not what he truly is. He also finds out who his friends and home is.

Now he wishes not to lose his home. They started a war, but now they’ve realized other things which showed that they’ve done bad things. Guy faces Madara, Minato’s Rasengan was stopped by using Kamui on it before it connected so he was able to defend against it.

Guy realises that the only was against Madara right now is using his Taijutsu, which he uses and enables his Seventh Gate of Shock allowing him to his Hirudora! Afternoon Tiger, this blows both him Madara away in a white cloud. Madara launches one of his balls but Lee appears and saves him.

They realise that Madara is too strong, and that their only option now is to get stronger, and to become the Red Beast, by opening the Eight Gate of Death. He wishes to use up to help. We go to when Lee wasn’t able to use his abilities to win a battle, but now he’s gained confidence. We go to the past when Guy is small with his dad, Dai, who helps him get into the school.

However, his name is not on the board, it seems that his current abilities haven’t allowed him to get into the school, so he cries. Time goes past, he tries to forcefully try to prove that by doing 500 laps, he will get in but it seems that it won’t do as he falls over, all while Dai looks at him. Hiruzen spots this determination.

Dai teaches Guy about Self-Rule whereby it’s a rule set on one self to allow for determination and never to give up, by building strength and never let go of whats true. A lot of people in the village think that he’s weird, some ladies and even some shinobi’s think this.

Dai mentions that he’s proud of him when the ninja’s diss him about this. Later on, Guy follows them and tries to beat them up with a rock, but doesn’t work at all. He gets himself beat up when Kakashi shows up and helps him out mentioning that he wasn’t even able to do anything when his dad was involved. Naruto Shippuden 418 ends as Guy’s determination grows.

A fantastic episode, and it seems that for such an episode,we’ve seen quite a lot of content based on the manga. It’s going to be a fantastic episode in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 419, titled “Papa’s Youth”, when we see more of Guy and Dai, as well Guy fighting against Madara.

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