Obito and Kakashi’s Past! Madara’s Mangekyou – Naruto Shippuden 415

Naruto Shippuden 415 see’s Obito’s come back as Black Zetsu tries to escape with Madara’s help, in fact Obito uses his past and emotions to fight through and finally become himself. Madara sweet talks Obito into reminding him why he’s doing all this, however Obito sticks his arm into Madara and tries to absorb some Tailed Beast powers to keep Naruto alive.

Naruto Shippuden 415 begins as Madara talks to Zetsu about already talking the Rinnegan from him. Minato senses a much larger and stronger forces from Madara’s Sage power. Zetsu begins to come out, however Obito just forces him back as he tries to split away from Obito.

Obito wakes up as he requires for Madara to answer a question on his behalf. He asks, what is he to him. Madara asks him if he’s a joke. He tells him that he is Madara. He remembers the time he was talking to the older Madara. He tells him that he’s someone who will bring the Infinite Tsukuyomi, someone who had transformed.

Madara left everything to him, for him to step into his shoes and work using his name in order to bring him back and rescue this world of everything such as hatred. He explains that chakra was meant to link everyone in order to better understand feelings. However people developed ways to use this chakra, to infuse it and use it as chakra and ninjutsu.

This initially reverting back to Kaguya’s way of doing things. It seems that Sage of Six Path’s way of doing things is nothing but a paradox as this will always keep happening everywhere they go. It leads to war and losing everything. Thus he’d like to build a new world through the Infinite Tsukuyomi where he’d like to banish and use chakra only for the good.

Obito is someone who wanted Rin and Kakashi by his side, however he is different, he is Madara. Some one who wanted to bring a better world. He tells Obito to walks toward him. Gaara creates a Sand wall, Minato attacks with a Rasengan but Madara cuts his arm and kicks Minato back and the Rasengan towards Gaara and Kakashi. They’re pushed back.

Madara and Obito are about to shake hands when Obito surprisingly thrusts his hand towards Madara’s chest. He remembers the time when he was talking to Naruto about paths and which path they should take. Naruto tells him about how being a Hokage is different, someone who walks in front of everyone.

As his hands in Madara’s chest, he begins to take some of his chakra and able to gain his black metal rod, as well as able to take some of the Jinchuuriki’s chakra in order to prevent Naruto’s death. Obito tells Madara that the current him is Obito Uchiha of the Uchiha clan. Kakashi is happy that he’s back.

Obito tries to take as much as he can but is unable to, he tells Kakashi to transport Sakura and Naruto to his Time-Space Dimension, he does so. Obito tries to use his Kamui but cannot due to his speed being too slow Madara can keep him from using it.

Kakashi and Obito are fighting on the same sides now. He tells him that it reminds him of the old times when he gives him things to do. We go to the past when Rin and Obito are at a Jutsu showcase to win a Kunai. Obito tries out his Fireball Jutsu, he gains good marks but Kakashi’s turn wows everyone, he wins.

They’re at the park playing, Kakashi is also there. They’re playing a game where Kakashi wins all the time, he saves them as Obito is unable to capture Kakashi at all. Their parents show up, they go on home. Kakashi’s dad appears as he too goes home. Obito also goes home to his grandma.

Obito goes to the entrance ceremony, Rin had brought him one of the papers so he could join academy. Kakashi seems to trump him at every point in time, even Rin seems to like Kakashi better. After some time, we see that Kakashi isn’t showing up, his father had died. He skipped class, if only Obito knew at that time how big of a whole Kakashi had, Naruto Shippuden 415 ends here.

A brilliant episode, it’s really nice to see Kakashi and Obito finally working together to defeat Madara. I’m sure that Naruto will somehow come back from the dead, and this is probably the same for Sasuke, can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 416, titled “Formation of Team Minato” when we see more of Team Minato, seems like fillers are coming back already!

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  1. dreager1

    Sounds like the anime’s back on track. Overall, would you say that the episodes are consistently good now or that they could be better? I’m still just watching it with the dub so I’m way back to where Naruto just joined the war. I have to say that the anime version has really been lacking for me. The pacing and animation just seem off a lot of the time and there are soooo many fillers. It may be the worst adaption that I’ve seen. Purely as an adaption though as I will still give the show an 8 or a 9 because of how great Naruto is. The anime is still taking the content from the manga after all so it’s quite good, but as an adaption, I feel like it could be so much better.


    1. Sunite

      Ohh thats definitely an easy question, Naruto manga > anime. The anime for me is terrible, yes it brings everything to life but it’s just been somewhat lame. And now I think the next episode will be an episode concerning the past of Kakashi/Obito which we’ve seen a million times. I don’t know how many times Im going to see Obito run up towards the academy and miss out on signing up. Right now, I’m just like *sighhhh*. I do agree that it’s good content, but it’s not as much as I would like it to be. A little disappointed in the current episodes.


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