Cosplay Monday: Pain and Konan

Pain and Konan have been long members of the Akatsuki, they founded the group and have done both good and bad. Pain controlled by Nagato took it upon himself to help everyone by getting rid of all types of Pain while Konan is at his side. This cosplay shows a little different story when they are both in love.

It’s been a while since I last posted a piece of cosplay, it’s back and hopefully I can post some every week. This fantastic piece of art work was posted by JulieFiction, go check her out, she has a large number of fantastic piece of cosplay, her Sucker Punch work is fantastic as she looks just like Baby Doll (Emily Browning).

There are 2 comments

  1. trinin ninja

    They did a nice job. I really like konan’s hair color. The blue stands out a lot. Also, the use of paper birds is interesting. ?


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