Sarada’s Father! Becoming A Shinobi – Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage 1

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage chapter 1, a brand new mini manga series begins with a possible truth as Sakura may not in fact be Sarada’s mother, giving the possibility of Karin being the read mother. On top of which Naruto and Boruto are playing hide and seek while Shikamaru warns him to leave his busy father alone for a while.

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage begins as Boruto and Sarada as well as others are in class, their teacher, Aburame Shino, tells them about about the headband and how they will have their examinations next week. Shikadai mentions that it’s such a pain. Chocho mentions that if it makes her lose weight that she’s up for it.

Inojin mentions that they’re all taking it. Boruto’s friend says that it’s going to be a piece of cake, he’s definitely going to be a ninja. While Sarada considers what being a Shinobi is really about, there is nothing important about it anymore. Chocho and Sarada go on as they talk about training and what not.

Sarada and Chocho talk about training when Sarada nearly spills that she’s never seen her father and doesn’t understand what she must do to get stronger. Choji appears with a bag of crisps, Chocho gets mad as they’re the wrong ones and quickly goes talk to him about it, they say goodbye as Sarada goes home.

Boruto and Naruto are both fighting as Boruto seems to want more attention from his dad. Boruto and Naruto play a little bit of hide and seek while we also see that Inojin and Sai are practicing and training. Sai tells Naruto that this is pretty petty of him.

Inojin has created a new art he’d like to show Sai. Sai isn’t too happy about it, while Naruto notices Sarada and quickly goes to ask her for help. Sarada and Boruto are walking when Boruto hides in a sign. Sarada leads Naruto away from there pointing the other way. It seems that they’re been both playing hide and seek.

Shikamaru and Shikadai appear as he mentions that if he used Sennin Mode, he would have been found in an instant. On top of which if he was serious, it wouldn’t even last a second. Shikadai mentions that Naruto sure has it hard when it comes to Naruto, that’s when Boruto mentions that Naruto is working hard at the office while a clone follows Naruto.

Shikamaru uses his jutsu to freeze Boruto telling him that Naruto is busy with work, he should disrupt him like he does. Thus Shikadai is told for him to go and find Naruto, seeing similarities in their way of acting, as Shikadai finds it a pain, while Boruto also acts out for attention.

Sarada on the other hand doesn’t know anything at this point, ever since she was a baby, he left her for some important mission. Sarada asks Sakura if he ever wore glasses. Sakura mentions that she doesn’t think he did, guessing at the same time. When Sarada mentions that she guessing and questions their marriage.

Sakura gets angry and quickly says sorry after seeing Sarada’s face. She mentions that both her and Sakura’s feeling are mutual. The cracks get bigger and follow into their house. Their whole house collapses when Sakura quickly collapses after seeing such a hideous site.

Shizune shows up and tells her that she always fainted often, she asks Sarada where she plans on going, that there may be a few people that could help out. Sarada mentions that there are a few things in the old house that can be salvaged. Sarada goes back to get the portrait when she notices Sasuke’s photo is in fact a full image.

She quickly notices that there are two people next to Sasuke in the image, and that Sakura’s image was separate to Sasuke’s seeing this we see that Suigetsu is next to Sasuke, and so is Karin! Sarada quickly notices that she is a girl in glasses which looks familiar to that of Sarada! Sasuke seems to be returning soon. Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage ends here.

A fantastic first chapter, I’d like to possibly carry this on as we go through the chapters of this new mini series. It should be a fantastic series ahead seeing all of them all grown up and new stories emerging. Can’t wait for the next Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage 2.

There are 5 comments

  1. Terry Barnes

    Very good opening issue. My interest is all ready piqued. I can’t wait to see what everyone looks like and find out if Kakashi’s generation is still around and kicking. Plus we will get introduced to the younger generation and their personalities and new powers. I know it says mini series but I hope it stays around for a while.


  2. Jasper Williams

    please tell me that sarada is wrong…. though the evidence are really strong but I don’t think sasuke liked karin to such an extent…

    I see sarada following her father’s footsteps in the quest for power… she is already showing signs of it…..


  3. dreager1

    I’m assuming that Sarada is wrong as Sasuke would look really bad otherwise. Sarada seems like she could end up being a good character, certainly better than Boruto. It’s too bad that this is only going to be 3 chapters, but hopefully we get some kind of fight later on. A decent start to the series.


  4. Baruto

    Sarada definately look like karin so am with her there.It very supicious.Sarada begin karin and sasuke child mean rinnegan mehn.I hope naruto children later also develop some kind of special eyes.I can’t wait anymore i need more chapter pls..


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