Gray’s Search For END! Natsu Reaches Avatar – Fairy Tail 426

Fairy Tail 426 see’s plans from Avatar being revealed to the Council when they think Gray is the person leaking it all, when he reveals that his only reason for being there is to find and destroy END. Natsu tells Lucy and Happy about what Future Rogue said, when we also see that Natsu, Lucy and Happy reach the base of Avatar, while Gajeel and Lily, now part of Council, figures that he should try and stop Avatar.

Fairy Tail 426 begins with Natsu, Lucy and Happy talking about Avatar, to which Lucy tells Natsu that it’s a guild that involves Zeref and how they worship him as a god. Natsu smiles saying that he’s fired up after finding out how they’re just mongrels.

Lucy asks about why he didn’t let Rogue go to which Natsu works out that he has to tell them now. He reveals that future Rogue told him current Rogue would go up against Gray as enemies. That why he thought that he would show up somehow here. Natsu isn’t currently sure if he’s going to be there or not.

Natsu mentions the black markings Gray developed to which Natsu also saw a while ago when he was going against Mard Geer. Lucy tries to figure out why Natsu didn’t tell her before, however Natsu just tells her not to worry, whatever happens, Gray is still one of them.

In Avatar HQ, we see the Priest praying to some kind of tablet where he prays to Zeref. Jerome appears and tries to talk to Priest about what the Magic Council are doing. They they might know what they might be doing. Briar appears and mentions that what Priest would like to do is to make it clear before going forward.

Mary appears as she tries to help the Priest out, Briar shuts her up. Goumon appears as mentioning their Purification Plan to which he mentions if the council knows then they might be in trouble. D-6 appears and so does Abel, mentioning that they’re just waiting for things to go forward.

Gray is also there mentioning that they all think there is a mole in their base, to which they think that it’s Gray. Gray has been with a successful guild and has friends who fight against evil, he’s place is not known. From which Gray decides to teach them that what his plan is that he’s after the Book of the End!

This is the only reason they’re there Gray mentions, he wants to get his hands on that book, he doesn’t give any shit about them, he just wants to crush END. The others decide that his actions don’t seem like he’s a traitor at all.

Natsu, Lucy and Happy appear at the HQ of Avatar as they decide to go and bust down the door of Avatar. Gajeel and Lily, now members of Avatar decide that they don’t care that Gray is in Avatar, they will go ahead with the plan to destroy Avatar! Fairy Tail 426 ends here.

A fantastic chapter, some really fantastic stuff has happened and we’ve finally seen some more members of Fairy Tail such as Gajeel. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 427, titled “Fierce Underground Fight” where we might see Natsu bash down Avatar alone.

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