Cosplay: Sode no Shirayuki

Sode no Shirayuki is the zanpakuto spirit belonging to Rukia Kuchiki, during the Zanpakuto Materialisation arc, we saw many great Zanpakuto’s come to life, of which Sode no Shirayuki was one of those. She was pure white and had the ability to freeze anything in her power in an instance. Check this fantastic cosplay of her character, it’s fantastic.

If you like the cosplayer go ahead and check out Faiko2011 who has a number of great cosplay from other anime, I highly suggest you checking her out. On top of which, if you like the page, I suggest sharing with other fans of the show.

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  1. Nick Dunn

    This filler arc wasn’t so bad. This filler arc was my personal favorite just for the fact of all these Zanpakuto coming to life. You know the one that interested me the most was Unohana’s Zanpakuto Minazuki.


      1. Nick Dunn

        The Bount arc was good too. It introduced a new spirit race. They kinda remind me of Fullbringers. But dead, not alive. They were like vampires right? Cause they said Shinigami, Hollows, and Quincy slaughtered them all.


          1. Nick Dunn

            Ya she was cool. That was before we even knew what his Zanpakuto could do. But he and she pointed it out so much I feel dumb for not figuring out 6 years ago. They love playing games. The taller woman loved watching the game, while the shorter woman played the game. Because his Shikai is form in this way. His short sword the right side is for swift and fast attacks, while the longer left one his for long and damaging attacks, which he used to kill Stark.


              1. Nick Dunn

                Oh ya his Zanpakuto. They were two twin boys that were high ranking in feudal Japan. I mean his Shikai does mean Law of the Twin Fish. I liked Rukia’s Zanpakuto as well. She Looks So Similar To Her Bankai Hakka no Togame. You know, didn’t Muramasa take control of Zangetsu? And that was before when knew that he was his Quincy powers. So Muramasa can take control over a Quincy’s Schrift too? Wow now that is haxed. Thank god Koga didn’t achieve Bankai.


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