Invasion on Lamia Scale! 100,000 Monsters – Fairy Tail 421

Fairy Tail 421 see’s Wendy and Carla talking to Natsu, Lucy and Happy as they want to bring her back. With Fairy Tail’s revival we see Wendy realise that she’d like to stay with Lamia Scale while Chelia thinks that she should do whats right. At this time, Orochi’s Fin, a guild rivaling Lamia Scale begin their attack with 100,000 monsters attacking.

Fairy Tail 421 begins as Wendy seems to be embarrassed for doing the song as she’s never done something before. Lyon tells her that she has some guests as we see Wendy ecstatic glad to see all three of Natsu, Lucy and Happy. It seems that Wendy has gotten taller, Natsu quickly begins to grab her back home.

They sit down and talk about everything, they’d like to round up everyone and bring back the guild. They don’t know what happened and why everyone broke up. They mention that there is no longer a council, to which the Ten Saints had gathered and made up their own council to keep everything under control. Jura and many others join on.

Even Makarov seems to have joined them, however their whereabouts are unknown. Wendy quickly tells Natsu that she’d like to stay in Lamia Scale. Lyon tells her that they’d know that something like this would happen and that they won’t stop her if she decides to leave.

Carla shows up in her Human Form mentioning that she’s able to transform and gain more abilities. she asks if Happy’s gotten powerful, when he mentions that he can resist fish a little better.Wendy is sure that she’d like to stay, most are shocked. That night, Natsu, Lucy and Happy are shocked at the fact that Wendy didn’t want to move.

At Wendy and Chelia’s house, we see Chelia tell that if she wanted to go, she can. And that She is not alone, she has the guild and so on with her. She shouldn’t feel sympathy because this won’t help, and they’re better friends than that. Out of nowhere there’s shouting and explosions outside, as we see the guild hall of Lamia Scale on fire and explosions.

Everyone shows up when a massive monster appears, Lyon quickly freezes it. We learn that these are due to the Orochi’s Fin which they’ve had rivalry for a very long time now. However, now they decide to send in monsters to attack them. They seem to have taken advantage of the fact that they weren’t prepared for this after the thanksgiving.

A huge army of around 100,000 monsters are coming over towards the town. We learn that they’ve been waiting for this time. They’d like the monsters to make them tired when they’ll attack themselves. These monsters begin to get closer, Natsu is all fired up.

Wendy and Carla go up, Happy is ready too however Chelia takes the place of Natsu by pushing him away. It seems that Chelia knows that Wendy is going to go with Natsu and that it’ll be the only time they’ll be able to fight as one. They go on ahead to battle these monsters. Fairy Tail 421 ends here.

A great chapters, we already know that Wendy will go on ahead with Natsu to gather everyone up. On top of which I’d like to see Natsu toast every single monster which are put in front of him. Should be great to read next week’s Fairy Tail 422, titled “Orochi’s Fin”.

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