Taijutsu User! Shira and Rock Lee – Naruto Shippuden 400

Naruto Shippuden 400 focus’ mainly on Rock Lee and Shira as they’re Taijustu abilities are highlighted here as we see them getting their second scrolls to go to the next round. Rock Lee goes through a few emotions as he quickly learns about Shira’s past when he trained really hard, as well as met with Gaara to abolish the rule where Taijutsu users not becoming a shinobi.

Naruto Shippuden 400 begins as Rock Lee mentions that him and Shira are the same. When he had hit him before, he had known then. Sen explains Shira’s story as he wasn’t accepted into the academy due to rules at the time. He never gave up as he kept on using one of the rocks as he kept on hitting it.

When Gaara became Kazekage, he found out about Shira when he had requested his presence, he fought him a little to notice that he has great ability. Then he removed the rule about Taijutsu users not becoming a shinobi, and talked a little about Rock Lee. This made many people angry to which Gaara was said to be a bad kage.

Rock Lee runs off after realising that Shira has had it way worse than him, he didn’t even have a chance of joining the academy when Lee did have one. He had trained a lot harder compared him him. He wishes for the others to pay for this reason so runs after them alone.

He finds himself facing a cavern after the others had bombed the surface. The others talk about how it should take them some time getting through. However as he says this, they’re quickly flanked by Rock Lee who quickly wants to dual them for them to respect Shira.

In no time the others surround him and create a sandstorm covering him, he quickly beaten down after not being able to use any of his other abilities. As the others go to finish Lee off, Neji appears when they quickly take care of them. When Lee goes to disable them, Shira appears and quickly tells them that it’s not worth it.

Shira begins to mentions that it’s all on him, it’s on him that they hate him, he hasn’t done a good of a job to make them like him. Rock Lee begins to cry and calls him a great shinobi. Shira offers their scrolls to the others however they refuse and instead mention that they won’t accept this.

They themselves have pride and thus note this as a defeat on their part. Both Lee’s team and Shira’s team earn scrolls. They go on ahead as Rock Lee tells him that he’d like to battle him to see who is stronger. They shake on it as Shira also wants to see. Naruto Shippuden 400 ends here.

A bit of a predictable episode, still good to see them have a little. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see more of them in next week’s Naruto Shippuden 401, titled “The Ultimate” as we see Gaara, as well as Lee and Shira battle each other.

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  1. trinin ninja

    There is something interesting that i’ve recently took notice of. Both sasuke and naruto have last names that start with U. They both married people with last names that start with H.


        1. JoeyJounin

          I doubt it. Remember that Naruto is originally in Japanese and their alphabet doesn’t work like ours. The kanji in their names are completely different.


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