Watch Haikyu!! (Anime)

Haikyu!! is another fantastic anime, this time based on volleyball whereby we follow Shoyo Hinata and his love for the game. Hinata creates a middle school volleyball team, unfortunately they’re teamed up against the “King of the Court” named Tobio Kageyama, and lose. Hinata vows to defeat Kageyama, however after entering high school, he finds him there!

Haikyu Anime PosterHonestly, this anime was on my to watch list for a while, now that I finally got to watch and give some love to this anime. I seem to have fallen in love with anime’s based on sports, similar to Kuroku’s Basket. If you’d like to watch this, you can do so legally by clicking on the link below:

Watch Haikyu!! (ENG SUB)

If you already watch this anime, be sure to tell me what you like about it, I honestly like the fact that it has a very good emotional aspect to it. As well as having some really great characters. Be sure to comment below if you are a fan.

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