Juvia and Levy Win! Erza Battles Sagittarius – Fairy Tail 212

Fairy Tail 212 see’s Levy win against Capricorn while Juvia also does her part against Aries, with Natsu and others battling Ophiuchus next up. Erza goes onto starting her battle against Sagittarius where she transforms into a pretty awesome Samurai armor she will use against him. 

Fairy Tail 212 begins with Levy answering the last question against Capricorn to which it’s who does Levy like. She quietly says it without us hearing it, but we know it’s most likely Gajeel. She wins and quickly sends Capricorn off.

Lucy is being tortured by Virgo to which she keeps on running trying to find a way out, however Virgo keeps on finding her, she cannot find a way out. Natsu and the others find themselves chasing after Loke as they’re attacked by Ophiuchus who reveals herself.

She grabs her equipment and begins to have fun with them analyzing them and messing around with them. She reveals herself to be a bad nurse, she get serious. We see Juvia in the desert as she talks about battling Aries.

Aries watches from far as Juvia is tricked by a mirage then appears, she angers her by drinking water and throwing it to the ground showing that Juvia needs it a lot more. She begins her attack but Juvia cannot handle it because she doesn’t have the water.

Juvia is attacked, dragged and just ultimately tortured. She notices that there is water around her, she attacks the car when a lot of water comes out somehow, thus uses this water and beats Aries.

Libra and Yukino battle as they try to keep battle on what they stand. Hisui and Arcadios notice that there might be something to do with the globe and what Leo’s intentions are. Sagittarius and Erza get ready for a showdown. Fairy tail 212 ends here.

An okay episode, seems like Fairy Tail are going to win this, I’m once again beginning to hate the show after this episode, seems like these episodes are nothing but worthless. Next week’s Fairy Tail 213, titled “Erza vs Sagittarius! Jousting Battle!”, will feature Erza and Sagittarius and Gray too.


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