Sasuke’s Next Journey! Infinite Tsukuyomi Release – Naruto 699

Naruto 699 see’s Naruto and Sasuke releasing the Infinite Tsukuyomi, everyone is released from its bind, Kakashi becomes the Hokage when we see Sasuke go on his next journey. Sasuke mentions he needs to go and explore the world to find something that he’s looking for, something he will find that will help him, saying good-bye to Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi.

Naruto 699 begins as Naruto and Sasuke are both still unable to move, Sakura notices them and quickly tries to help by stopping their bleeding. Sasuke mentions that he’s sorry, for everything up till now. Sakura just dismisses that and cry’s for both of them. Kakashi is happy to see them just like before, they’re back.

Sasuke goes onto mentioning that he remembers the words he used to say about how that feeling you got when you were together with him must feel like they’re brothers, he begins to get it. The others are dispelled from the Infinite Tsukuyomi as Sasuke uses his right hand and Naruto his left to disable it.

When they were lonely kids starving for love but finding nothing but hatred. Everyone seems to be happy after being saved. Naruto and Sasuke went their own separate way, however now he thinks that from everything and all his feelings, he’s come to feel what Naruto has felt, his hopes and pains.

Naruto had never abandoned him, no matter what. As much as he would try to close himself off, Naruto would keep on closing that distance to him and how he truly felt. Kurama and the others also come out of their moons. Naruto should have hated him for everything he did, however he never stopped regarding him as a friend.

We see everyone at Neji’s grave saying their goodbyes. Sasuke tried to destroy the feeling of Naruto, but he couldn’t. We see Kakashi as the Hokage now, Kakashi say’s to Sasuke that he won’t be imprisoned since he helped with tackling, Madara and Kaguya. On top of which Naruto had helped him a lot!

He tells Sasuke to keep himself out of trouble because it’ll be his ass on the line this time. Sakura mentions that he’s going to really leave. Sasuke mentions that he needs to see the Ninja World for himself because he needs to know what the worlds state is in.

He feels like he’s finally able to see all things that he’s overlooked and missed up till now. He needs to take this opportunity to see everything clearly as he does now, on top of that there are a few things on his mind.

Sakura mentions is she could possible come with him. Sasuke mentions that this is his journey of redemption, his sins have nothing to do with her. He approaches her and taps her head just like Itachi did to Sasuke. He mentions that he’ll see her when she’s back, then thanks her.

He walks off to find Naruto waiting for him, Naruto approaches him and gives him his head band back. Sasuke thinks that Naruto as his friend fought to stop him to a point that he lost an arm and now he’s saved him too.

Now they’re able to share each other’s pains in their own heart. During his journey, he thought that the feeling they have might not just exist with them but with everything else around the world. Sasuke calls it faith to keep believing, trying and enduring until you finally become able, perhaps this is what makes you a ninja. Naruto 699 ends here.

Fantastic chapter, however there is still one more. Read Naruto 700 here!

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