Sasuke vs Naruto! One And Only Friend – Naruto 697

Naruto 697 carry’s the battle between Naruto and Sasuke when they’re both out of chakra, Sasuke steals Kurama’s chakra in an effort to kill Naruto, his one and only friend! Naruto tries his hardest to fight against Sasuke in an effort to stop him while Sasuke just seeps on Kurama’s chakra allowing him to fight against Naruto as they’re both tired and unable to battle.

Naruto 697 begins as both Naruto and Sasuke’s attacks are launched into one another. It causes a large explosion in the sky consisting of large winds and massive thunder. Everything in the area quickly disperses, Kakashi feels the intensity of their power. Both of them fall out from the sky, the hears of Hashirama and Madara have been removed.

Both of them fall off from the attack, both are really hurt. Sasuke is angry that he’s still alive. He quickly launches his Amaterasu at Naruto to which Naruto uses Kurama’s chakra to disperses it away. Sasuke realises that Amaterasu won’t work on him, in which Naruto quickly creates clones and uses them to kick him him while he’s out of commission for a second.

Naruto punches him while Sasuke tries to also punch him back. Sasuke removes his sleeves to take out a signed seal for shuriken to which he uses to get rid of the clones. However Naruto punches him and creates a Rasengan. He tries but falls down after being too exhausted.

Sasuke takes this opportunity to kick Naruto, then goes ahead to punch him in the face. Naruto gets back up and wipes his face. They both keep on battling when they remember the time they had previously fought.

Sakura wakes up when she notices how long it’s been since they’ve been fighting. They are both exhausted and nearly out of chakra. Kurama tries to build more chakra for him when he notices that Sasuke used his Rinnegan’s ability to absorb Kurama’s chakra. He gets up and brings a Chidori, he mentions his farewell to his one and only friend! He goes for the attack when the chapter ends.

Naruto is getting really good, both of them are fighting like mad to win this battle and only 3 more chapters left. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 698, it’s going to be fantastic!

There are 12 comments

  1. Kid Assassin

    Epic fight it is becoming but sasuke using kurama’s chakra is kinda a dirty trick but you can’t expect anything fair in a fight to the death but i still see Naruto Winning this Fight.


  2. try0309

    That was an amazing chapter, damn it’s getting better and better and leaving us on the hook wondering what’s gonna happen next, kishi definitely knows how to have us on the edge of our seats, epic battle man can’t wait for next week continuation of this epic brawl in the series, best chapter by far this is what we been waiting for and all out brawl between Naruto and Sasuke.


  3. haqoromo

    i just keep reading these chapter all over a big shout out to kishi the epic is just too dope
    buh to think of it sasuke never consider jugo,karin,oro as a friend nor a comrade why?…
    He even went ahead to mention farewell to my one and only friend thinking these the end even with the tailed beast he store in his susanoo he still cant reach naruto’s level


  4. Jasper Williams

    Hamura you say???… he ain’t gonna show up Bro….personally… I think a Hashi-Madara scenario is gonna happen…. sasuke might end up striking a clone as the real naruto should have gone under water like he did to neji at the chuunin exams


  5. Jasper Williams

    and also… now that sakura is awake….I hope she doesn’t interfer with this battle cause if she does… kishi would be subjecting her to a lot of hate from many naruto fans….


  6. haqoromo

    D look on his face is nothing sasuke stil has d upper hand at least he has d full susanoo plus reningan
    mehn d dude is even stealin kurama’s chakra ah pity am he will end up just like one of nagato’s six paths if care is not taken


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