Naruto vs Sasuke! The Real Hokage – Naruto 694

Naruto 694 gets underway to show the beginning of the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, they talk about what the meaning of Hokage. Sasuke mentions that Itachi would have been the Hokage of the Leaf as he did a lot in order for the village. Sasuke mentions that Naruto is his closest friend and thus must not interfere. He will become the bane of the world in order to unite everyone. 

Naruto 694 begins as Sasuke mentions that the Hokage he’s talking about will answer his question. Sasuke mentions that Itachi lived helping the Leaf, he sacrificed a lot and thus he was able to maintain the peace. He was able to swallow the bitterness of the village and become a criminal for the point of keeping that peace.

Sasuke describes Itachi as the true Hokage, he mentions that the title isn’t for someone who is recognized by everyone but in fact someone who could accept the grudges and hatred of everyone and bear them all. He mentions that he’s realized this, however one mistake was made.

Sasuke was left alive who exposed who had been exposed to the truth, and all of his hatred had become decentralized and diapered away from him. Sasuke is no longer like any of his family member. Sasuke mentions that he is alone to which it now gives him the shoulder to bear all the hatred himself.

Sasuke mentions that he will take care of everything, he’s going to deal with all the problems, even their judgement and punishment. He will let hatred focus and center himself. And then he will unify all the villages, the hatred in the darkness must die.

The Hokage he’s talking about is someone who sets fire to all of the five villages’ darkness with his own flame and then eats the ashes and continues to carry on and survive. Hagoromo remembers this being Sasuke’s answer. Naruto begins to remember what Itachi told him before about being alone and how he needs others in order to win.

Naruto tells Sasuke that he misunderstood what Itachi lived for as he mentions that there are things that nobody can do alone, even their fight with Kaguya showed this. Sasuke remembers the moments with his brother. Sasuke mentions that nothing can go smoothly, he’s creating a revolution so that the villages will no longer exist in and be instrument of darkness. He will become darkness and deal with the pitch black darkness of the past.

Naruto asks if he needs to kill the Tailed beasts and Kage’s in order to bring his plan, Sasuke mentions that he’s going to sever the past. Sasuke plans to correct all the errors and faults of the past and sever them clean away. He will begin by cutting Naruto down first, it will be the final memorial to Itachi.

Naruto tells him that he won’t be cutting him down, he’s learned everything he knows from the people in the past, whenever you mess up, you always pick yourself up and figure out what to do next. Kakashi asks Hagoromo what he should do next, he says that all he can do is believe in them.

We see what both Naruto and Sasuke told Hagoromo to which Naruto goes to mention that he wants to become brothers with Sasuke while Sasuke wants to exile himself and kill Naruto. In order to complete his version of the Hokage, he must be killed.

Naruto mentions that they’re pretty good friends while Sasuke refers to Naruto as his closest friend. Naruto and Sasuke have been battling for a while now, we see a past fight from them to which they again fight now, they clash and are ready to begin the final battle! Naruto 694 ends here.

A great and awesome chapter with lots of awesome and crazy things. It’s nice to see that the battle is finally beginning and also that we know what Sasuke wants to do. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 695 when we’ll continue with the battles ahead.

There are 3 comments

  1. Jasper Williams

    wow…finally its started ….Naruto is really in a big shit….now we know how Sasuke feels about Naruto…..I think he is afraid of loosing love again ….


  2. haqoromo

    i knew it frm d start dat kishi is dump,buh i dnt knw it has qone out ov hand,dis fiqht shld i’v startd abt 2 to 3wks aqo
    wots my busines wit sakura feelinqs?


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