Sasuke’s Sharingan Ability! Obito and Sakura – Naruto 685

Naruto 685 reveals Sasuke’s Sharingan abilities and how can use it, to which he has the ability to replace transport himself from one point another, replacing the subject he has chosen to transport to. As this goes on, Kaguya has been tricked, to which she goes on to fight the hundreds of Naruto clones while at the same time Obito and Sakura use up all of their chakra to obtain contact with Sasuke and save him. 

Naruto 685 repeats a little telling us what exactly happened, we see Kakashi think that Naruto has just got himself to the other dimension and has already been defeated. Sakura mentions that she needs to take the lead, and thus this is the least she can do for Naruto’s sake. Sasuke’s clones remain turn to smoke.

Kaguya returns to the other side when all the clones see them, while the real Naruto realise what has just happened in the other dimension. Obito tells himself no matter the cost, he will bring back no matter what. We go back to when Obito told Naruto and Sakura to hold on to him.

Kaguya is pushed up to the other dimension to which Obito gets ready and uses his Kamui! While the real Naruto tries to go, there seems to be something holding on to him stopping him from going. Kamui worked to get them there however the clone goes on ahead to get their attention while Obito brings them into his own dimension.

We repeat everything that happened earlier about the clone getting killed. To which Zetsu mentions that they’ve been tricked, to which the real Naruto tells them that it seems that they’ve figured out that he’s the real one. Naruto mentions to keep her engaged enough so she doesn’t go back to the other dimension.

On the other side we see Sakura go full on to give her all on giving her chakra to Obito. Obito realises that it’s hard to even create such dimensions as they’re truly really far away, and he wonders how she does it so easily. They open one to which it’s too far and it’s just full of lava.

They move onto the next one while Obito struggles to keep it open for a long time. Naruto’s clones are getting hit one by one. Zetsu tells Kaguya that she mustn’t create openings for Naruto since Naruto is getting closer to Sasuke. Kaguya mentions that she already knew this and that the original Naruto has the Gudoudama, or truth-seeking balls.

We see Sasuke move around this place to which he tries to get and feel Naruto to which he mentions that he felt his chakra strongest there just for a moment. Obito and Sakura open up one which is just a sea full of acid, to which it gets on Sakura on her jacket and arm. She rips both of them apart from her.

Obito mentions that she needs to heal her wounds so she can’t help him later on. However she mentions that she doesn’t want to take a break and mustn’t ruin the chance Naruto gave them.  Sakura mentions that their chakra is already being pushed to its limits, there is no point in stopping. He tries to quote her saying that when he stumbles she wants to help him.

Next up their open to which they’re correct and thus open to see Sasuke far away, they shout his name for him to get there as soon as he can. He runs as quickly as she can, however the portal gets smaller and smaller. Sakura provides more and more chakra however Obito hurts his eyes and the portal closes.

They’re both out of chakra to which they both nearly collapse when Sasuke appears behind Sakura to which he holds her beside him. Obito asks how he did it to which he mentions that his ability allows for him to instantly swap with an item at this place depending on the limit of how far it is. He swapped with Sakura’s jacket. Naruto 685 ends here.

Thank goodness Obito and Sakura had the power and chakra to be able to do something about this. However how will they get back to their own world, will Sasuke somehow provide Obito with some of his chakra. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto 686, which is said to have an announcement.

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  1. LEO

    I think with his complete sharingan he is able to do much more than transport,lets not forget that he had an incomplete sharingan b4 his capability in possessing two sharingan will be unique.


    1. Monkey D. Appa

      Now he will be able to use ametarasu and sosano’o epicness
      And obito is special cuz he doesn’t get blind wile using MS such a lucky guy
      I would like to see kakashi getting obito’s sharingan in both eyes
      Ore wa Afters


  2. jasper williams

    Nice chapter…i think kishimoto did this chapter specifically 4 the sakura haters…maybe to win them over

    Many fans been sayinq this was the lonq awaited sakura/sasuke moment….4 me i’ll say its just a normal scene…..


  3. jasper williams

    Sunite…i’ll like 2 know your view on this…between sasuke’s sharinqan and minato’s flyinq thunder qod…which will you qo 4………….av been debatinq this since i read this chapter….2me i think their speeds are the same..thouqh minato has a sliqht advantaqe of usinq markinq while sasuke has 2 replace himself with an object….i’ll like 2 know what yhu think!!!


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