Zetsu’s Plans and Kaguya’s Tears! – Naruto 681

Naruto 681 calms down a little to reveal that Zetsu was behind everything from the moment Kaguya was sealed up by Hagoromo and Hamura. Zetsu who was formed from Kaguya set out to plan and bring back Kaguya to which he used all his tricks in order to revive the Rinnegan to use for Kaguya’s revival using Madara. Naruto and Sasuke hear his plan to which they mention that there isn’t just one way to unite everyone. 

Naruto 681 begins as Sasuke’s attack didn’t work as even his Susanoo began to degrade. He nearly reaches the lava when Sasuke uses the Body Flicker in order to transport himself to Naruto from falling as Sasuke grabs his leg. The clone Naruto holding Kakashi and Sakura help Obito escape.

Naruto creates a platform for Sasuke to stand on, Naruto is shocked that Sasuke can use the Body Flicker, to which they had both received techniques to use. They need to use these in order to seal her away. Kaguya notices them to which she uses a technique to allow her to transport herself using a type of gate to which she opens and another opens behind Naruto and Sasuke.

She reaches out to both, as Naruto and Sasuke are unable to move they’re captured by Kaguya and her will. We see her crying as she thinks of both her sons. Black Zetsu begins to form from Kaguya as she releases it onto them. Their chakra began to drain from them as Zetsu begins to form.

Zetsu mentions that Kaguya was the one who was sealed away by her own children, Hagoromo and Hamura. Naruto mentions that it was the Ten Tails who was sealed, Sasuke asks who Black Zetsu is to which it answers as Kaguya’s Child. Zetsu mentions the story of the Ninja is a story that existed in order to revive Kaguya.

Zetsu reveals that he knows that they both have power passed onto them by Hagoromo. Zetsu begins to tell them about what had truly happened since they don’t know. Kaguya was sealed by a very powerful seal. It’s a technique to which it was able to seal the Ten Tails in the moons core.

Just before Kaguya was sealed away, Zetsu was born, in order to one day bring her back. He mentions that the Ten Tails isn’t just made of the sacred tree, it’s also made from part of Kaguya. Kaguya was ultimately trying to take back the chakra in order to disperse among her two children, it was her will.

Hagoromo doesn’t know her true will. Back then Hagoromo knew nothing, he was just raising Indra and Ashura to which they created Ninshuu, while this went on, Indra lost power to the successors of Ninshuu, to which Zetsu made him create the Uchiha, to which Zetsu began to revise and alter what Hagoromo had written.

He had rewritten the Stone Monument that Hagoromo had left behind, this along with how the Mugen Tsukuyomi would be able to save the Uchiha. From this, Indra and the Uchiha, Ashura and the Senju had disputed for a while. Zetsu had approached many others time and time again to see if they could awaken the Rinnegan.

However he was convinced by Madara that he could, however Madara was defeated by Hashirama. Madara had used Izanagi in order to activate and bring himself back to life. During the battle he hid part of Hashirama’s flesh within him. To which he had regurgitated, he used it on himself to help himself heal.

He was able to live for many more years using the Gedo Mazo to which he had awakened the Rinnegan, during this process, White Zetsu’s were also created who were just previous people who were under the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The Uchiha tablet read “All of creation is manifested from two opposing forces”.

During this time we saw that Obito was also taken into this as well as Kabuto, he was able to manipulate everyone to which he was finally able to revive his mother, Kaguya. We see Kaguya enable her Byakugan to which she says that she hates Hagoromo and Hamura, they both belong to her.

Zetsu mentions that his role is finished, however Naruto mentions that they are not the History is Ninjas! He breaks out from Zetsu’s hold and helps Naruto do the same. Naruto mentions that a mother should be happy when her children gain independence and leave. Sasuke mentions that they need an opening to use a seal jutsu right away. Naruto 681 ends here.

An incredible chapter, with lots of crazy past business, although after Zetsu sucked out most of their chakra it seems like they have no choice but to end it as it is. It will be hard but I’m sure they can’t do something, we’ll see more during next week’s Naruto 682, when Naruto and Sasuke use a certain jutsu to battle against Kaguya!

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah agreed, I wonder how powerful are Naruto and Sasuke now since Zetsu and Kaguya took a large portion of their chakra. However I thought this chapter was more of an explanation chapter then to one that would include any fights. It was known that Zetsu planned everything, but we didn’t know how Zetsu and Kaguya were connected, now we do. Although I thought this chapter could have been done a little differently with less explanation and more progression on the fight.


      1. Robin

        Wow! Naruto is becoming more & more interesting now everything have been revelied
        we will see now how sasuke and naruto are planning to defeat kaguya


  1. jasper williams

    Yo!….everyone listen up!…you’re reading MANIPULATION MANGA SERIES…please wait while we bring you MANIPULATION SHIPPUNDEN….thank you!!!


  2. Shawn Jones

    First it was Kabuto, then it was Tobi (Obito), then it was Madara, then it was lady Kaguya, now it’s black zetsu, then it will be the Ramen Guy, and then it will be Sakura, and then it will Neji, turns out neji isn’t dead -_-, and then it will be Obama, and then it will be Michael Jackson. This Manga, smh


    1. Sunite

      Hahah I actually Lol’d to this xD I agree that it’s just been a game of which one uses the other. I hope that Michael Jackson somehow comes alive in this, would surely be a surprise lol


  3. jasper williams

    Its obvious daht naruto is all about manipulation….ya…Nagato got manipulated…obito was manipulated…heck:even madara was manipulated…and then indra…who knows maybe hagoromo is manipulating naruto and sasuke to fight for him…

    On a serious note…i think kaguya still does have some good side in her…i mean how can you explain her crying when she remembered her sons…ya i know:its because they sealed her…buh i can bet daht theres more 2 it….
    p_s:she looks beautiful when she cries


    1. Sunite

      Yeah I feel the same, Kaguya seems to have two sides to her, both good and bad, however we need an explanation to why she wants to put everyone in a Infinite Tsukuyomi, maybe it’s because they betrayed her or something stupid happened. Lots of plot holes still left.


  4. Harlequin

    Well Kishimoto is a Scorpio…Scorpios love to Manipulate time, people and situations and these guys don’t quit [black Zetsus in disguise] Its one of their negative traits…R.i.p to the king of pop


  5. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

    still doesnt explain why black zetsu wasnt strong enough to control obito in the versh of dead with just half kurama to oppose him but had no troubles contolling super strong madara+senju cells+sage mode+8 bijus and half kurama

    this also doesnt explain how black zetsu fooled madara into thinking that he was part of him, not to mention that we saw that madara was the one who created black zetsu from his own flesh

    doesnt explain why madara recovered the sight in the other eye, it also doenst explain why madara couldnt just pop up another rinnegan eye when we saw naruto creating another eye for kakashi taking part of his chackra signatures, madara having also these powers should have been able to just touch his eyeball socket and create another rinnegan

    naruto is getting worse and worse, seesm to me that kishi didnt find a way of how naruto and sasuke would be able to beat madara and came with this rush idea


  6. jasper williams

    I gatta agree with you that there are many questions left unanswered….in the course of time…some will be answered and some won’t..however lemme correct you on a few things
    first..black zetsu did not have problems controlling obito…its because he had no use 4 him…while he being an opportunist…..waited 4 the right time to attack madara…

    Second…madara couldnt give himself a new eye because gaining the juubi’s power doesnt guarrantee that…if you’ve being following the manga you should know that naruto has the direct yang power of the rikudo which madara doesnt have…so that makes the difference here!!!


    1. Tsijiari (@megafenix64)

      makes no sense cause obito could have ruined black zetsu´s plans, there is no way black zetsu would know that madara would be able to reach them at obitos other dimension and clearly kakashi could have destroyed the sharingan in case madara would attempt to steal it


  7. shinobi

    i think the manga is gettin better n better.we all know this is the last arc n inorder to be epic kishi had to bring in sum1 more evil than madara and madara shuld nt b counted out jst yet,afterall this guy was the best reincarnation of indra in history.


  8. Izumii

    yo, i think that its gonna be one of those “give me back my body” things with madara and kaguya. thus, making a diversion to seal her away saving madara. him being ever grateful, he’ll help them to defeat black zetsu……he will sacrifice himself and become the next itachi while naruto and sasuke will have one final battle before this year is over with….the winner being hokage. the crappy part is that evidence supports that Kishimoto-sama wanted sasuke to be hokage anyway…..sooooooo, get ready for some heart breaks


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