Our Journey Together! – Sasuke and Sakura

Our Journey Together Sasuke and Sakura in Loved by SteamPunkSkulls

Inspired by the cover of Naruto chapter 679, which included a wonderful world of magic and mystery, as well as a castle and different creatures. We see this fitting images of Sasuke in the form of an Elf and a human Sakura, both holding hands as though they’ve fallen for each other. 

This fantastic image of Sasuke and Sakura was done by steampunkskulls who adores the cover art for the chapter, thus created something befitting that image. If you like their work here be sure to check their other work out, as well as to make sure to share the page with fans who will like this art work.

There are 2 comments

    1. Sunite

      Yeah I feel the same, the artist is brilliant and so is the artwork. I wouldn’t be surpriced if there was a new anime with this, I would be more than happy to watch it 🙂


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