Naruto and Sasuke vs Kaguya! Edo Tensei’s – Naruto 680

Naruto 680 shows some offence from Naruto and Sasuke as they work together in order to fight against Kaguya who seems to be easily going up against them. As we see Naruto and Sasuke work together, the Edo Tensei’s available at that time are quickly able to move from the disappearing restrains Madara placed, to which they may also take part in fighting. 

Naruto 680 begins as Obito falls down form that height to which the floor seems to have turned into lava. Sasuke calls and summons for his bird to which it’s able to grab Naruto while Sakura and Kakashi are in trouble. However Kakashi holds onto Sakura to which he binds a kunai to a scroll and uses it to string himself from getting harmed form the lava.

He also sends a kunai towards Obito to which it able to him to drop into the lava. Sakura’s headband falls into the lava proving that it’s not a genjutsu but actual lava. Sasuke tells Naruto that he’s going to tell him one think clearly, him and Naruto must not die, if they do then there will be nothing to stop Kaguya.

When the Infinite Tsukuyomi took place and he was by Kakashi and Sakura, they’re a distraction to him and make him work less productively. Basically what Sasuke is trying to say is that he doesn’t fully care if they die, he wants to save everyone, even if it means that they die. Naruto understands this, however at this point his body acts on it’s own.

This referring back to when Sasuke had acted to protect Naruto without any notice. Sasuke understands what Naruto is trying to say, at this point Sakura is unable to do anything but cry and thank Naruto. Out of nowhere, Kakashi’s scroll begins to burn and is prone to fall into the lava when Naruto tries to catch both of them with his hand.

On top of which Kaguya uses this opportunity to attack, Sasuke tries to block it however his bird and hand are hurt by the technique. However Naruto catches all of them. On top of this we hear from the Edo Tensei about what had happened to them, they’re also able to move, on top of which they’re able to do as they will and head towards the chakra point.

Naruto is floating in the sky with the help of his chakra, he catches both Sasuke as well as the grouped Kakashi and Sakura. Naruto creates a clone to which he entrusts to help Kakashi and Sakura, while the other helps fight against Kaguya. Kaguya mentions that all chakra belongs to her and that it shall become one.

She creates a massive lava field as wells as an erupting field. Both Kaguya and Naruto go at it in order to defeat and weaken each other out, at each blow a more intense power is used. However after one massive attack from Kaguya, Naruto is pushed back to which Kaguya is then faced by an upcoming Sasuke with his Susanoo from the top, they’re also going to clash. Naruto 680 ends here.

A magnificent chapter with lots of cool and amazing stuff happening, on top of which it seems that Naruto and Sasuke are getting someway in fighting against Kaguya from her experience. Can’t wait for next week’s 681 to see what will happen next as Kaguya goes against Naruto and Sasuke.

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  1. Satouf

    I see naruto and sasuke r still getting to grips with their new powers, interesting to see the Edo tensi still kicking. But she has the upper hand at the moment and it’s going to take a kakashi strategy to get them to Seal her


  2. grayfullbuster622

    This was a good chapter i really loved it it wasnt bad a question though was that another dimension that was opened up by kaguya?


  3. jasper williams

    No matter how cocky sasuke acts…Naruto will always be the boss…just because he shielded them with his susanoo..he thouqht he was incharge…am glad he got owned….
    By the way…the hokages going 2 kaguya’s plc makes no sense…if the couldnt defeat madara…how do they expect to defeat kaguya…


    1. Sunite

      They can hopefully provide cover and distractions for both Naruto and Sasuke to get in and attack. I think Sasuke isn’t acting cocky or anything like that. In such a situation, he has to make sure that Naruto and him live, he cannot be spending time protecting Sakura and Kakashi when there are thousands and millions of other people in an Infinite Tsukuyomi, thus he needs to have his head in the game, he cannot falter, his decision must be precise otherwise there will be no hope for humanity.


    1. Sunite

      I’m sure Kaguya is ten times, or even more powerful compared to Madara as she has the ability to use the third eye as well as her own Byakugan eyes. It would be really hard for them to defeat such a strong character.


  4. Tskm Sasuke

    I know im reading this manga roughly but i dnt understand from where did Kaguya started fighting with Naruto and Sasuke?!! Ain’t Kaguya on the good side?!!


    1. Sunite

      Well not exactly, she was known to be the person who ate the fruit available from the God Tree, she thus took power from the Ten Tails and due to this power being somewhat evil, she became a crazy woman and wanted more power. Thus became evil, she doesn’t want Naruto and Sasuke to defeat her and disable her plan to turn everyone into white Zetsu.


  5. jasper williams

    So many un-answered questions…what happened to Hamura…why would kaguya need an army….did Hagoromo seal all of the juubi or did he split it between himself and his brother….why did kaguya use the tsukiyomi before….i could go on and on!!!


  6. Alfresco

    Aiish they’ve been fighting for a long time without food or water…they should run away to somewhere safe,lay a bed and rest for like 10min before comming back =)) 😀


  7. james diamond

    ya y did kaguya com back in the first place, must she fight ,when madara sumond her , at the end ,she will gain notin but wast of chakra, so stoped of her or she wana clame to be the strongest of all so they will worship her not making sense at all.


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