Cosplay Monday: Hinata Hyuga

Hinata Hyuga deserves this week’s Cosplay Monday after what she did with Naruto in helping him to realise that after all that has happened in the war, many have died for the cause in order to bring world peace. Naruto’s words and emotions have passed onto everyone that if he’s emotions change after his friend’s death then it will all be for nothing. 

Hinata has been a great character within the Naruto universe, as she also likes Naruto and we also think he does too. As the cosplay images above, I think she has done a fantastic job of recreating Hinata. Hinata played by Milena104 has a number of other fantastic cosplay, including one that includes Hinata and Naruto.

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  1. deucee9s2wylde

    I was just thinking about what would actually happen if Hinata hooked up with Naruto. Let’s say they do end up together and things go great. They get married and have kids…. The Uzumaki clan is known for the great amount of chakra they possess and the Hyuga clan possess the infamous and unmatched Byakugan. Their children would be the beginning of the most epic and unstoppable clan ever. Uzumaki and Hyuga together? The Hidden Leaf village and the Land of Fire will be feared by all nations, but because of the characters of Naruto and Hinata, they will also be loved and respected. NaruHina could be arguably the best thing that ever happened to the Konohagakure. Wars would ultimately come to an end. Anyone who tries to ruin this peace will have the powers of the Hidden Leaf to answer to.


    1. Sunite

      That would definitely be awesome, yeah I also think the same. It would be awesome, however we haven’t really met the Uzumaki clan properly, so it’s a little vague at this point, nevertheless, it would be epic to see what you’ve just described! 😀


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