Spirit King vs Demon King! Aquarius’ Power – Fairy Tail 385

Fairy Tail 385 shows the fantastic power which belongs to the Spirit King as he duels with the powerful Demon King holding the soul of END in his hands. At the same time, Lucy has is near defeated is given Aquarius’ power to use, either temporary or permanently to which Lucy uses her famous Urano Metria on Jackal! 

Fairy Tail 385 begins as Tartarus members notice that their cube is being destroyed. Mard Geer mentions that he’s surprised that they were able to summon the Spirit King himself when he mentions that Mard carry’s that book. Mard mentions that the book is the soul of END, Spirit King asks him what he’s planning, Mard mentions that he should have a good idea, they’re trying to revive END and return to Zeref.

Spirit King asks if this is the reason why Lucy lies fallen wounded and crying to which Mard mentions that it is, Spirit King then mentions that he swears that upon her determination that he will destroy her enemies, Mard calls him to come at him. Spirit King shouts that he shall never forgive him!

He attacks, a few seconds later, Mard attacks but there seems to be no damage on the Spirit King, a second attack from Mard brings out Thorns which seems to put the Spirit King in a bind, more and more thorn appear which seem to spike into the body of the Spirit King.

However a swipe of the sword destroys everything around him and he repairs himself, then uses his Meteor Blade which nearly gets Mard in the attack however he doesn’t seem to be injured in any way. Jackal moves closer to Lucy to ask what is going on, while Lucy cries holding Aquarius’ key whilst it’s broken.

Jackal attacks but a protective water barrier appears to which it seems that the Spirit King has given Lucy some abilities of water, could be temporary or permanent to which Lucy’s body begins to flow with water, magic power flows within her to which the Spirit King tells her to rise. She gets a similar look to Aquarius!

Lucy thanks him, Jackal attacks her to oblivion but fails, as she uses her water barrier, Lucy begins to chant a spell to which she calls upon her own power and magic to which she uses her famous Urano Metria on Jackal! This flings him up and strikes him, it’s not known if he’s affected by it or not. Fairy Tail 385 ends here.

A great chapter with lots of cool action, the Demon King and Spirit King will certainly have a great fight if they keep on going as they are now. Also it’s nice to see Lucy’s technique work especially on someone as powerful as Jackal. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 386, titled “Galaxia Blade” to which these fights will continue on.

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  1. mabritish

    now this is good chapter. the spirit king is deffinately strong. this fight will be epic. its good to see Lucy fighting on her own for once without relying on her spirits. but I highly doubt if the power she gained will be permanent since is a water style. and that kind of magic belongs to juvia. it will be boring having two ppl using the same kind of power.

    if the book of end is end’s soul then where is his body


  2. grayfullbuster622

    Hey mabritish been a long time since i commented haha how are you and also yes its good that lucy is going up the ranks now also the spirit king she summoned lol he’s super powerful it seems lucy is the best celestial mage ever But………..I also cant wait for This battle to be over i wanna see the other battles after this one.

    So yeah lets hurry up mashima and finish this segment so we cna lift off to the next segments of the story -.-.


    1. mabritish

      Yes gray-sama bi also want to see gray in action I’m eager to no what is the relationship bwtn him and silver. Hey gray pls man always comment at this blog bro cos u no FT has very few fans Here


  3. Kisuke Urahara

    I kinda feel like this chapter was short. Sorry to say, but that’s just my opinion. Though, I do like the 2 (if not only) things that happened in this chapter: Spirit King vs King of Hades and Lucy using her completed Urano Metria on Jackal.

    On the side note, I kinda didn’t get how she has Aquarius’s powers (or is that really that?) Sorry but could someone explain that to me? Thanks.


      1. grayfullbuster622

        Also to i wodner when the comments started dieing on fairytail i guess people jsut got bord of the manga and stopped commenting on this site?


  4. grayfullbuster622

    Tbh howcome fairytail doesnt have many fans i looked at the past posts like chapter 334 their were tons of posts lol? why does everyone hate fairytail so much i mena imma big Ft man man lol straight to teh heart >:o


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