Cosplay Monday: Shinji Hirako and Hiyori Sarugaki

Shinji and Hiyori have been friends for over a hundred years now, form their time as Captain and Vice Captain to their time in the real worlds as Visoreds. They’ve both gone through quite a lot to which they were used by Aizen himself. This quirky cosplay displays their cool side, from all the useless banter to their serious faces. 

Personally, out of the groups of people within the anime of Bleach, Shinji and Hiyori are awesome, they’ve gone through a lot of trouble to be where they are today plus as a couple, they are cool, even if they’re not one. Nevertheless, if you’d like to check these out check m-a-g-i out! Comment below telling your what your opinion is, plus be sure to share the page for other Bleach fans.

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