Uchiha Clan Assassination! Rogue Ninja – Naruto Shippuden 359

Naruto Shippuden 359 shows the depart of the now tagged Rogue Ninja Itachi Uchiha, as he joins the Akatsuki in order to keep on eye on Obito. Their mission of annihilating the Uchiha Clan was a success and to which the whole Uchiha Clan were killed off except for a few still left such as Sasuke and Itachi. Hiruzen also tells Kakashi that he’s being let go from the ANBU to become a Jonin Leader. 

Naruto Shippuden 359 begins as Itachi is being appointed as a captain, being only 13, he seems like the youngest ever ANBU to become a captain. They seem to be going for different missions both Kakashi and Itachi. They are outside to which Itachi thanks Kakashi for his help over the two years. Kakashi tells him that they’re not going anywhere, they’re only going  to different sections.

Yamato and Kakashi are talking about Itachi to which they get their third member, Yugao appears mentioning that she is joining Team Ro. The Police Force are also getting ready for the day. Danzo calls for Itachi to which he’s given the mission to go ahead and spy on them.

Kakashi is given the mission to go ahead and find the person who is passing their barrier without notice. It seems that someone is passing and Kakashi is told to investigate places where they can put more sensors to detect how and who this person is. Obito appears but then disappears before Itachi can appear. Naruto and Sasuke chat and fight a little whilst still being small.

Guy and Kakashi talk about Guy’s new mission where he’s a Jonin Leader. Kakashi invites him to the Uchiha District to see a few things, Guy gets something to eat, he also remembers Obito’s room and the time he was trying to kiss a photo of Rin. They keep on walking while noticing that some people are watching them.

They’re at the Nakano Shrine to which Guy goes to see his luck, Itachi appears and asks what he’s doing there, Itachi mentions that he goes there often, and the types of missions he’s doing are the same. Kakashi brings intel to Hiruzen mentioning that there was a tense environment whereby everyone was looking at Kakashi. And it seems that they don’t have the people in order to find who this person is.

Danzo, Hiruzen and the others talk about the Police Force and how they should be worked out, it seems that one wants to give them more work while the other wants the opposite. Itachi has been put into place whereby he watches his own people from the dark. He gets the info that the Uchiha want to revolt against the village.

He meets up with Obito asking him for help in order to do this mission. Danzo and Hiruzen also seem to generally agree that they need to be ready to act. Itachi and Obito agree on doing it tonight, helping him to kill of his Clan except for his little brother. Obito also needs him to join the Akatsuki.

Everyone gets ready, the ANBU. Obito appears and begins to take out everyone, this includes Itachi doing his work as well. He looks at his brother going back home. The ANBU also notice that the whole village except for Sasuke is left. Danzo shows up mentioning that he killed Shisui as well as killed his clan. He was a bad egg Danzo mentions.

Danzo is quickly stripped of his rank after Hiruzen hears about what he did, he’s told to go back to his house and he will be dealt with later. Itachi shows up by Danzo telling him that he will be watching Danzo, he will not touch Sasuke! Kakashi questions himself on how much he actually knew Itachi.

Naruto notices in the school that Sasuke is closed to himself. People mention that only one Uchiha is left and that Uchiha is in the Bingo books. Kakashi goes back to the Uchiha clan grounds where he talks to himself about Obito. We also see Hiruzen and Itachi talk as he tells him that a civil war was prevented.

He also regrets for what he had to do, he will be branded a Rogue Ninja and put into the bingo books dead or alive. Itachi mentions that he will joint he Akatsuki and mentions for Hiruzen to watch over Sasuke and not let him get hurt. Hiruzen also mentions that he’s allowed to come into the village without being noticed and look over Sasuke when ever he can.

Hiruzen, later on, wants to completely make a new Police Force, this time doing a recruitment where it is done fairly. Also Kakashi is called to talk with Hiruzen. He tells him that he’s been with the ANBU for a long time, however now he will be given a new mission, to quit the ANBU and become a Jonin Leader! Naruto Shippuden 359 ends here.

A good chapter, and it seems that Naruto and the others will now be more involved in the episodes ahead. It’s most likely that we’ll get a lot more of Kakashi and his feelings towards fighting and training with Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 360, titled “Jonin Leader”, when we see more of Kakashi and his Jonin Leadership skills.

There is one comment

  1. HighScore

    A good review sunite 🙂

    Despite my high expectations towards this episode, based on its title, the events it covers and the good episode that preceded, it I got very disappointed after watching 😦

    This episode lacked drama and thrill. it’s very easy to get lost in thoughts while watching. There was no polishing for any event or any character just a dull narrating.It was much better for this episode to be a two-part one, which gives the opportunity to offer a better coverage for the events.

    Concerning Hiruzen, his actions were not that clear for me. I have the feeling that he was satisfied with Danzo’s decision on how to deal with the Uchiha clan but he kept this deep down and took the opportunity to get rid of Danzo and his influence in Konoha.

    I still don’t know why Itachi hid the truth about who stole Shisui’s eye. He didn’t try to get revenge for his friend by himself and he didn’t till Hiruzen about what happened either. This gave Danzo the opportunity for accusing him to be the one who killed Shisui.

    I don’t have high expectations for the next Naruto shippuden 360 and this arc should end while it’s still bearable …..


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