Itachi Joins ANBU! The Darkness – Naruto Shippuden 357

Naruto Shippuden 357 shows how a young Itachi goes through his early life by joining the ANBU by the Hokage and uses the intel he gains to deliver it all back to the Uchiha Coup D’etat. Danzo also asks of Itachi to give him information of the Uchiha and what they’re planning. Guy also realises the darkness one must have in order to join the ANBU, he begs Hiruzen to release Kakashi out of his duties. 

Naruto Shippuden 357 begins as Yamato and Kakashi are attacking a few rogue ninja’s killing them. Later on they talk about how where will be a replacement for a member. Kakashi is met by Guy, Kurenai and Asuma to which Kakashi denies having food with them because he doesn’t like sweet things.

Guy gets fired up as his life time rival to join the ANBU, to which he goes to Hiruzen asking to join Kakashi but is quickly denied. He approaches Danzo to which he tells him that he’d like to join but Danzo tells him that he lacks the darkness. We see Kakashi stare at Rin’s grave.

Kakashi is told by Hiruzen that he’ll be having a young man join their team who has been recommended by Danzo. We finally see Itachi, he’s introduced by Yamato and is told to setup. Everyone see’s that he’s only 11 years old and do not believe his skills. He is somewhat tested when he arrives, Kakashi also arrives to tell them to not question the higher tops, he also seems strong.

He proves himself with a tricks of getting all hits. Kakashi and Yamato mentions that he may be talented but doesn’t fit the mold and that Danzo has his own model of picking people. Itachi meets with his dad, Fugaku, telling him that he’s a ANBU second and a Uchiha first. We also learn that Danzo had told Itachi that he’d like to have someone in the Uchiha to which he could learn about what they’re doing.

Hiruzen tells Kakashi that he’s being deployed with Itachi on the orders by Danzo that the Hannya Black Ops are trying to trap them even when they want to have diplomatic relationship with them. Danzo orders them to kill them if they do not cooperate. Danzo tells Kakashi that he’s the best soldier they’ve god, he has his darkness.

Guy and three others are sent to the town to give a scroll, they head off with Itachi and Kakashi right behind them. Guy and the others are eating when Kakashi overhears Guy mentioning that this mission is to test if these people are friend of foe. Kakashi is surprised that he found out. Kakashi and Itachi watch and also eat watching them.

They get there and a few others show up, they exchange scrolls and Guy quickly notices that the one they handed over is a bomb. They seems to have quickly betrayed them. They back off and mention that the Hidden Leaf had betrayed them while Kakashi and Itachi both show up.

They use the Earth Style to shatter the mountains, Kakashi stops it. Guy tells the others to get away. Kakashi tells Itachi that he was entrusted with the Sharingan from a friend. Guy opens his Fifth Gate when the other Black Ops do the same technique again. Kakashi and Itachi also get into action as they begin to quickly kill them while Guy only punches them.

Guy quickly notices that Itachi and Kakashi are killing them, he notices that they must follow their mission as is and cannot diverge from it. Guy notices the darkness which Danzo was talking about. Afterwards, Kakashi tells Danzo that he’s going to report back to Danzo.

Itachi begins to ask Kakashi questions about how his Sharingan wasn’t originally his. Kakashi tells him that he had made a promise to protect what is important to him, to not let anyone kill him. Guy returns the scroll to Hiruzen and tells him that he finally understands why he didn’t get to join the ANBU. Then asks that Kakashi should also be removed from it.

Kakashi tells Yamato that Itachi passed with flying colours, could be even better than him. We see Itachi wait for Sasuke at school, they walk home together. Later Uchiha’s gather to share information to build a coup d’etat, they introduce Itachi as he’s part of the ANBU, he’s there to gather Intel to which he mentions that he’s new and doesn’t have a lot of information. Itachi notices something on the stone slab. Naruto Shippuden 357 ends here.

A pretty episode and nice to see that Kakashi is connected to most of the current people we know at this point in time. Plus with a new opening and ending, it’s nice to see that it’s getting better soon. Plus can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 358, titled “Coup d’Etat”, when we see Itachi’s story and how the Uchiha Coup D’etat ended.

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    1. Sunite

      Yeah he did, gave him lots of advice and such. I know he has, he seems like a main character at this point even if that is Naruto. Kakashi could have even had his own series, but a arc is good enough for me 🙂


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