Hiro Mashima to release monthly “Fairy Tail Zero” Manga

Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail, has recently announced that he’s planning on releasing a brand new series called “Fairy Tail Zero”. The monthly manga series follows the secret origins of the Fairy Tail Guild and how it all began. We follow Mavis Vermillion as the main protagonist of the story. Mashima himself knows that he will be working on two different work series, the weekly and the just announced monthly. 

Mavis Vermilion in Fairy Tail Zero

With Hashirama working on two different series, Fairy Tail will get both the current time as well as the past from which Fairy Tail was born from. On top of this the monthly magazine, people who subscribe to it will also feature 4 episodes of Fairy Tail.  The monthly series will also include pin-up posters, character profiles and other content, as well as spin-off manga chapters, including Gray.

This news is pretty great since the Fairy Tail Anime is scheduled to also return this month on the 5th of April which many fans can’t wait for! Tell me what your opinions on this news, be sure to also share the page.

Source: ANN

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  1. mabritish

    this is actually very good news, now will definitely no wat is Lumen Histoire is? and how Mavis Vermillion came up with this fairytail name. I also want to see wat kind of magic she uses


    1. Sunite

      Yeah the secrets will link to the current show, I think Hiro couldn’t find a way of integrating this story so he just made a new manga for this fact. Yeah we’ll definitely see some very old types of magic, possibly even the magic grand games actually and what it really was like.


  2. mabritish

    good point sunite, I blive the magic grand games are the interesting mystery. we are actually going to no how the grave of dragons came to be. and how ppl interacted with the dragons during that time since, dragons were more in those days compare to now. lastly maybe they will tell us how mavis died if she did die, lol imagine seeing young Hades, man this is goin to Clare up most of the confusion we have.


  3. enigmaticartist

    I hope we can also see the “4 Gods of Ishval” (the 4 wizards, Warrod included, to be non-human in terms of strength)

    Can’t wait to see how that works 🙂 (Also, maybe we might see a connection between Zeref and Mavis? They look cute together :”> )


    1. Sunite

      I’m sure if they were living at that time they will be included. I think Hiro is planning for this to be all of the old stuff and references to all the other stuff, as well as Zeref.


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