Yamato vs Kakashi! The Sharingan – Naruto Shippuden 355

Naruto Shippuden 355 begins as Yamato is given the mission to go ahead and steal Sharingan from Kakashi and give it to Danzo. While Kakashi is on his own mission to find and kill Orochimaru, Yamato interrupts him as they begin a fight. Emotions are brought forward from both Kakashi and Yamato as both fight over why Kakashi had killed Rin. We also see how Yamato had joined the Foundation and how Danzo had trained him. 

Naruto Shippuden 355 begins as Danzo gives Yamato and someone else a mission to go ahead and find a Sharingan for him, to replace his left eye as he’s already got a right eye. They mention for them to go ahead and get the Sharingan from Kakashi. They spot him at Rin’s grave where he spends some time with her. He receives some orders from the Hokage and goes there.

Yamato goes to see Rin’s grave too. Hiruzen tells Kakashi about what has just happened. He mentions that they’ve found an hideout belonging to Orochimaru and that they want him to go because no one must know about the research that went on. Kakashi leaves and Danzo arrives, to which he mentions that he knows about their findings and where Orochimaru may be, Hiruzen mentions that he’s sent someone experienced to which Danzo knows it’s most likely Kakashi.

Kakashi gets there, he tries to break a seal but fails. A large explosion occurs but Yamato saves him using his water technique. They talk mentioning that they should both work together to get more information as well as share the information they get. Yamato also can’t tell Kakashi what the mission he’s in at this point, while another person watches them two.

They mention that they should be careful, Yamato takes out his kunai but it helps them get into a room. They search the room for any information they may want to find. Kakashi mentions about the human test subjects to which Yamato remembers that he was struggling when he was the last one left and they left the project to die on it’s own.

Yamato opens a door and they go in. Kakashi asks how he got the Wood Style to which it’s a very useful technique to the Leaf Village. Yamato struggles and cracks the test tube to which the water goes lower and lower when Danzo rushes in finding him there. Yamato walks on with his Kunai out when he rushes Kakashi while he’s back is turned.

Kakashi and Yamato fight on to which Kakashi has no knowledge of why he’s doing this. Kakashi is being pushed back to which Yamato also has knowledge of his Sharingan. Kakashi mentions that he’s crazy to kill such a friend and his mission can also be disbanded. It was a clone to which Kakashi tries to get Yamato when he also turns into a clone.

Yamato mentions that his mission is absolute and that he mustn’t give up. Kakashi gets a kunai on Yamato’s leg to which he goes back to hiding to remove it. He begins to talk nonsense when he remembers the first moments he was with Danzo, the moments when he was first told about the Foundation and how he will be part of it as well as him growing up learning new techniques and Danzo teaching him personally.

Kakashi and Yamato keep on fighting to which Yamato mentions that he will not give up. A few shurikens his the glass tube. Kakashi is asked why he killed Rin while Yamato remembers the moment he had tried to save the girl but couldn’t. Kakashi gets close Yamato and attacks mentioning that he didn’t want to kill her, but had to because he couldn’t kill her.

Kakashi asks him if he’s a friend of the Leaf or a traitor, Yamato mentions that he’s not a traitor, he calls himself that he’s from the Foundation. Kakashi mentions that if he cannot renounce his duties then he will be turned over to Hiruzen. We pan over to the test tube and see Orochimaru and his new form! Naruto Shippuden 355 ends here.

A good episode and it’s good to see that Kakashi and Yamato are fighting and it’s how their relationship is held right now. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 356, titled “A Shinobi Of The Leaf”, it’s going to be a good episode, can’t wait for the action.

There is one comment

  1. Highscore

    I didn’t like the way used to show why Yamato is working under Danzo. The way the later saved the first looks very prosaic.

    Also I can’t understand why Orochimaru considered Yamato a failed test ?


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