Kakashi’s Loyalty! Hashirama’s Cells – Naruto Shippuden 351

Naruto Shippuden 351 see’s a curious Kakashi go look for information on how the person who he previously faced had abilities similar to that of Hashirama. He learns from Hiruzen that 10 years ago infants were implanted with Hashirama’s cells to see if they could use the Wood Style, research on this was forbidden. Kakashi changes his loyalty from Danzo to Hiruzen, being part of ANBU he will lead their information to the Hokage. 

Naruto Shippuden 351 begins as Kurama destroys the village and Kakashi begins to have a nightmare of how Hiruzen is a bad guy and remembers Rin screaming at him for killing him. He wakes up and washes his hand and face. We see Guy eating when he spots Kakashi, he notices that he isn’t going to see him.

While he rests he remembers the kid that he saw, he goes snooping and researching. He looks into Hashirama’s Chronicles to find everything about Hashirama and he’s past. He learns that he and he alone mastered Wood Style. He begins to look through the books to find a confidential note, but has nothing inside it.

Hiruzen quietly appears, Hiruzen gives him permission and begins to tell him about what happened. The Wood style was the only style as well as Sharingan to be able to control Tailed beasts, so they tried different things and give people his cells, however it did not go good for them and many people died. His cells were locked up and deemed Forbidden.

However recently many people have gone missing, even newborn infants went mission. Around 60 kidnappings. It seems that someone is using Hashirama’s cells and implanting them into bodies. Someone is carrying on these experiment, if the wood style person was alive then they could have stopped Minato’s death.

Kakashi asks about infants, he mentions that if they were to live with the wood style then they would be ten years of age. We see Danzo, he tells a few ANBU that the Hokage is going to an important meeting thus their mission would be to kill him while he’s still alive in the forest making it look like an accident by another village.

Hiruzen leaves the village, a little time later they’re ambushed and it seems the Wood Style kid shows up against Hiruzen, he quickly uses he’s abilities and gets an attack on a clone. Hiruzen appears on top of a tree and transforms, it seems that it was really Kakashi. Kakashi looks through his attack and quickly attacks back, the Wood Style kid loses, Kakashi holds back telling him to leave as his jutsu will be useful later on.

Back at the Hokage HQ, Danzo is found on Hiruzen’s chair. It seems that Hiruzen knows that it was planned for him to be killed. Kakashi could have told him. Danzo knows he’s in a bad situation, while it seems that Danzo could be said to be a traitor, Hiruzen lets him go for now.

We see Kakashi talk to Hiruzen, he mentions that he is not qualified to be in the ANBU, while Hiruzen talks he mentions that Minato had talked to him about Kakashi having a heavy heart, he tried to help him by joining the ANBU but it seems that it only became heavier. Hiruzen tells Minato for Kakashi to look over Kushina to help him look and see if he could witness new life.

Hiruzen mentions that he considers him leaving the ANBU but he would rather want him to keep on telling him everything about what is going on at the ANBU, he mentions that there is a Wood Style user. At the Feudal Meeting, Hiruzen regains his Hokage status. We see Danzo talking with Orochimaru while he exams a dead body. Danzo knows what had happened, that Kakashi had betrayed him.

Kakashi once again as the memory about Rin, he wakes up with a heavy heart. He tries to wash off his hands but only sees that his hands have been stained with Rin’s blood. Wee see everyone find out that Hiruzen is being the Hokage again. Guy finds Kakashi and follows him secretly while the Wood Style user looks at him from the distance. He tries to get him but Kakashi pulls out his kunai and nearly gets him. Kakashi cannot deal with anything at the moment. Naruto Shippuden 351 ends here.

A great chapter with lots of awesome and new cool bits which I guess we had to see to fill the plot hole. It’ll be nice to watch next week’s Naruto Shippuden 352, titled “The Rogue Ninja Orochimaru”, when we see Orochimaru and Danzo’s plan be found as Kakashi steps on their toes. We also see a very young Yamato, who seems to not be the person who fought Kakashi.

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