We are Heroes – Naruto, Goku and Ichigo

We are herores Naruto Goku and Ichigo by BelucenNaruto, Goku and Ichigo, protagonists of some of the best anime’s ever made, Naruto, Dragon Ball and Bleach. All awesome and very powerful people, oh which they’ve all faced great defeats but overwhelmingly come out strong with every fight they have. They are universally lovable since all three are pure awesome! You can’t go wrong with supporting them in any battle they face, their powers know no bound and will always stretch so good comes above evil. 

The awesome artwork showing Naruto in his Bijuu Mode, Goku in his SSJ4 and Ichigo surprisingly taking his Hollow mask off. It was coloured in by belucEn, original artwork by manzr. They are both awesome, they’ve come up with such an awesome piece of artwork as well as colouring it magnificently well. Props to both of them, check them out otherwise be sure to share the page with fans of Naruto, Bleach and Dragon Balls.

What do you think?

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