Jellal Dead?! Face To Activate? – Fairy Tail 368

Fairy Tail 368 shows a very surprising battle by which we witness the death of Jellal! Can this be? Brain gets up and launches a quick and silent attack piercing a while through Jellal’s chest, he falls down and is beaten even more. Could this mean Face will now activate? Erza keeps on getting tortured by Kyouka to a point where she is left unconscious. Natsu and Lisanna get a visit from Silver where he gets a cloth for Lisanna to cover herself up. Silver notices that Natsu has somehow recognized him! 

Fairy Tail 368 begins as Elfman mentions that Lisanna has gotten captured, he seems to be fooling everyone. Everyone mentions that Levy’s calculating the location of their base and thus she’ll get the location for them to go and find out. Cana mentions that he’s pathetic that his sister got captured and he came crawling back without even going after the person who are responsible.

He mentions that he lost sight of them, Cana shouts at him that busting him that even though he has the ability to transform into a beat he wasn’t able to catch up to them. Gray and others tell her to shut up. Elfman mentions that he needs to go and rest for a bit, Carla mentions that everyone seems to be on the edge. Cana seems to know somethings wrong.

We see that Elfman was controlled and given a specific job to go back to the HQ and install a lacrima, it’s an ultra-concentrated ether light sphere, it’s 500 times powerful than that of Jupiter and his guild will vaporize instantly. He shouts that he cannot do such a thing when she quickly tells him that he can and will. He quickly obeys. He mentions for her to give Lisanna back he’s willing to obliterate Fairy Tail itself.

We see Lisanna try to get the hang cuffs from Natsu but it seems that she cannot, it doesn’t seem that they can be broken by regular human strength. Natsu tries to turn around and mention that he’d like a go. Silver drops a cloth on the jail cell, Natsu quickly notices and asks who he is.

Lisanna uses the cloth,  Silver mentions that he can’t let them escape, however he can’t also let Lisanna have no cloths. It’s embarrassing for her. Natsu mentions that Silver’s smell is just like Gray’s. Silver notices that Natsu seems to have noticed.

Chairman and Franmalth are together looking Jellal. He’s using his super archive’s real time link in order to look for him. Franmalth mentions if they find Jellal, they can activate Face. chairman mentions that he’ll definitely find it. Erza is being tortured to which Erza only seems to want to know where Mirajane is. They double Erza’s sensitivity to which she shouts a lot.

Jellal fights Oracion Seis to which he mentioned that he’ll free them by defeating them. They will all disappear, however Brain or more now known as Zero mentions that he’s now going to disappear, he launches a very quick attack right towards Jellal which pierces Jellal’s body. The chairman watches.

We see a Jellal which currently has a hole between his chest. He mentions it’s impossible. Meredy tries to help but he says to get back and run. She mentions that she cannot when she keeps going for her. She mentions that it’s not over when Zero appears and quickly crushes everything that lies in front of him, he bashes the floor in which Jellal was. It seems Jellal’s dead and the former chairman has seen this.  Fairy Tail 368 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, I can’t believe that Jellal seems to have been killed! It was definitely not predicted by most of these. I thought he would have been able to handle out for a longer period of time. This is shocking! Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 369, titled “The Place Prayers Reach”, this will truly be something to see and I can’t believe Jellal’s dead!

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  1. rise

    i cant really see how zero could be strong at this point, i mean i expected his power to be the same when he fought against natsu since he was in jail for about 7 years,


  2. michael

    jellal got trolled again. biggest bullshit ever. for someone with the skill of a saint to die like this… srsly jellal is one of the fastest people in fairy tail and some random laser pierces him righ through the belly… i guess i quit reading fairy tail soon as jellal and ultia (both dead) were my favorite characters.


    1. Sunite

      I know, it’s hard to say without looking at next week’s. However if Jellal had some kind of hidden protection power than he can still live but right now it seems like he may die 😦


      1. dayfighters

        during the tower of heaven arc, jellal used a thought projection of himself and disguise it as his twin brother Siegrain to infiltrate the council. jellal was able to create a strong projection that it was able to interact with other people, or so that i read, but if he did use it, idk why he wouldnt tell meredy


  3. chicken+anime=manga lover

    for a reason I fell really pissed. If jellal dies ima cry like when Ace died in one piece 😦 I hope the Manga God will help im lol


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