Jellal vs Oracion Seis! Natsu Captured – Fairy Tail 367

Fairy Tail 367 gets somewhat interesting, after Natsu is frozen we see Happy fly’s off. Natsu is thrown into jail fully naked to find that a naked Lisanna is waiting there to which they talk about getting out and destroying Tartarus. We see a weakened Jellal fight against Oracion Seis, he keeps on losing ground when he activates his more powerful technique. Happy arrives at Fairy Tail HQ, he tells them everything that’s happened, Elfman also arrives but very differently as his soul seems to have been taken from him! 

Fairy Tail 367 begins as Natsu is thrown into a jail cell, he’s told to stay in there for a while. He asks them where his clothes are to which they don’t reply, he then screams mentioning that he needs his scarf back! It seems Lisanna is there, she asks why he’s there when he’s shocked to see her there naked!

She notices and both turn around, Natsu mentions that they’re assholes for taking their clothes away. It’s too much and embarrassing, making them feel lower than animals. It seems that Lisanna doesn’t remember a thing of how he for captured. Both Erza and Mira should also be there. Lisanna mentions that she also thinks that Elfman is also captured.

For them to get beaten like this one after another is nothing they’ve seen before. Natsu mentions that he’s going to come out on top, but first they need to get out of there. It seems that the shackles are preventing Natsu from using any of his magic. Sayla and Kyouka talk, Sayla asks if she’s discovered the three people who it seems they have.

Two of which are dead and the third is Jellal. Once Jellal is dead, the Face weapon will activate. A magic pulse bomb for the end of days. It’s something they need, Erza doesn’t seem to be talking about his location, Sayla’s technique of reading people could do it quicker but there is no fun in that, more importantly she doesn’t want Fairy Tail interfering.

Sayla seems to be in charge of keeping Fairy Tail in check, it seems she has a plan for this. Sayla and Kyouka begin to possibly do adult things which cannot be specifically mentioned on this blog. We see Jellal fight against Oracion Seis to which it seems that he’s losing. Meredy wants to help but it seems that this fight is a personal one for Jellal.

Cobra and Racer mention that they won’t have their freedom taken away and thus fight Jellal hitting him hard. Angle then also uses her magic to push Jellal back. Midnight begins to talk mentioning that their paths began in the dark tower, they thought they were saved by Brain but that was false.

They were mere pawns meant to seal Zero, now their true freedom lies before them. Jellal hears this and gets all crazy powerful and smashing through Racer mentioning that he shall free them. Their freedom is still but a lie, and so it will stay like this as long as they remain in the darkness. We see something strange happen to Brain, he seems to have woken up again.

At the Fairy Tail HQ, they mention that Erza, Mirajane and Natsu were not found at the Former Chairman’s house, and Wendy’s nose is not good enough to track them. Gajeel’s nose is the same as Wendy’s and won’t be able to smell it. Makarov is scared that Tartarus is getting way to powerful and there doesn’t seem to be a way of tracking them.

Out of nowhere Happy arrives and crashes into the table, he shouts everything mumbling, Carla tells him to breathe. He tells them everything. Happy even goes to point something out about Gray and Silver and what it was between them, but he says nothing. He reveals that their base is like a large square island floating, and it moves around, it seems to be going this way.

Levy mentions that she will calculate where it is. Lucy gives Happy a hug after he mentions that he left Natsu behind. Elfman shows up, however Lisanna is not with him. Sayla seems to have corrupted Elfman and his soul, it seems that Elfman will break Fairy Tail from the inside out, he seems like a changed man! Fairy Tail 367 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, to see what Sayla had done with Elfman is awesome, plus seeing as Elfman being controlled by a Demon while he can change into a demon himself is just epic, we’ll probably see both of them fight later on. Also can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 368, titled “The Third Seal”, when we see more of Jellal and his fight against Oracion Seis!

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