Fairy Tail and Seven Deadly Sins Christmas Manga Special

Hiro Mashima and Suzuki Nakaba join forces to create 2 different manga special centered around characters from both series within Magnolia. Hiro Mashima concentrates on characters from Suzuki Nakaba’s “The Seven Deadly Sins” series while Suzuki Nakaba creates an explosive story using Fairy Tail characters. Keep on reading to see these awesome mini-manga Christmas series. 

1. Hiro Mashima works with “The Seven Deadly Sins” characters , Elizabeth, Melodias and Hawk within Magnolia when they meet Happy. They’re very happy to meet a talking animal such as a cat. Hawk, who is a talking pig feels that his friends are replacing him thus he leaves when Melodias goes looking for him, he encounters Erza, she doesn’t know where.

Melodias is found in a place where he is acting like a cat, he’s quickly taken back where Elizabeth is, she gets him some food. They hug it out and mention for everyone to get together so they can all have fun.

2. Next up we see Suzuki Nakaba, the author of “The Seven Deadly Sins” work with Fairy Tail characters. We see Magnolia fill with white snow, both Natsu and Happy walk when they notice someone with a large bag on top of a building, they think it’s someone trying to steal things.

Natsu fights him until he uses his fire roar when it allows him to see everything clearly. He notices that this man in a Santa costume is none other than Makarov, the guild master. After such a roar, it seems that the whole of the guild building is on fire, all present’s inside flood out to everyone near by.

Fairy Tail and Seven Deadly Sins Christmas SpecialTwo great stories above, if you like them please be sure to share this page with others as well as like and comment telling me what you thought about these two stories based on two different mangaka’s swapping their creations. If you want to read them you can just google them, it’s recently been released. The featured image above is the image on the right. It’s been quite the Christmas with a lot of presents, specifically from such great anime’s and manga’s.  Don’t forget to follow Daily Anime Art.

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