Natsu vs Jackal! Fairies Ready! – Fairy Tail 359


Fairy Tail 359 gets underway by which Fairy Tail gets all pumped up. After Tempesta begins his regeneration, we see that Kyouka is right there waiting for something else. She mentions to him that his regeneration will take some time since there are other operations happening, we quickly see that Minerva is in one of the tubes also getting prepared to join Tartarus. Jackal visits one of the former council’s house to which Natsu and the others are there to protect, Natsu introduces himself and mentions its time for them to die. 

Fairy Tail 359 begins at the Tartarus HQ by which Kyouka and Tempesta are talking. She tells him his name to which he mentions that he no longer needs for one. He asks how much longer it’s going to take, she mentions that normally it would take a day or so, but they’re also running other entities. He asks if there are other casualties. From which Kyouka mentions that there will be a new demon.

We see a nude Minerva hanging by a number of tentacle like things from which it seems like it’s converting her into a demon. It seems that she has qualities the Netherlands require. Franmalth just hopes that she doesn’t turn out like Doriarte. He mentions that there is a long going into such a thing, especially using Magic Interference Particles.

Tempesta mentions that it was Fairy Tail, due to them he was forced to use it. Minerva begins to shake and move a lot after hearing that name. They notice that she’s reacting to the name. Kyouka mentions that they’re the ones who destroyed the Six Demons as well as Grimoire. She wonders if they’ll stand against them.

Natsu begins to shout and wanting to kick their asses. Makarov mentions that they have no information on them, therefore they can’t just act like this. The only thing they know is they want to kill all current and former council members. They mention that they should somehow protect them, to which Loki knows the houses of some of them. They begin to split to which they mention that they’ll go to each of the houses. It’s also mentioned that the man who faces Laxus, if his blood is brought back they can make an antidote.

Elfman tells Evergreen that he’s going to get back to them. Mirajane seems to have something for Laxus as she mentions that he’s began taking the feelings of his comrades to his heart, they won’t forget his bravery. She tells him to take it easy. Makarov brings a speech to us to which he mentions that they’ve defeated such people before and won’t have much of a problem. They should not do it for justice but with their own will. Putting all bonds and pride on the line and eliminate their Family enemies.

We go to Mikero’s house to which he’s a former council member. They mention their situation and that they must stay there. Happy mentions that he should let us as they’re both cats. He mentions that their guild has a reputation of doing everything to the extreme. It seem like he’s going to be bait, Carla mentions that nevertheless they’re going to come for everyone. He mentions that he should leave if he’s being targeted.

His granddaughter shows up, it seems that Loki and Michelia are pretty close. Michelia mentions that they should take their help since he’s a former members. He also mentions that everyone has something against the council, as he begins to talk he smells something, Natsu also does the same. Natsu smells this, and quickly an explosion from the house appears.

Most of the house has been taken out, everyone survived since Natsu had managed to somehow take it all down. Jackal has appeared, he mentions that he expected for them to splatter. Natsu quickly knows that what he’s facing is a member from Tartarus, from which Jackal asks who he is, Natsu introduces himself and mentions that it’s time for him to start putting Tartarus in a body bag. Fairy Tail 359 ends here.

That was a really good chapter, from the awesome way in which Jackal entered to how we’ll see the awesome fight between Natsu vs Jackal will! This should definitely be something awesome and worthy reading, can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 360, titled “The White Inheritance”.

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