Top 10 Fairy Tail Female Cosplay

Fairy Tail is a great anime and manga, Fairy Tail Cosplay is amazing, meanwhile Female Fairy Tail Cosplay is out of this world! There are a great number of cosplayers who take part in being Fairy Tail characters. They’ve done an amazing job, that’s why I’ve put together what I think the best Top 10 Fairy Tail Female Cosplay’s are from cosplay’s available on deviantART. If you like the cosplay as well as the cosplayers below, share this page and follow their work.

1. Aries Cosplay – Inushio

2. Levy McGarden Cosplay – InuChronicle

3. Juvia Lockser Cosplay – ocwajbaum

4. Kagura Mikazuchi Cosplay – kisara-nyan

5. Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay – yingtze

6. Wendy Marvell Cosplay – MeguRin

7. Mirajane Strauss Cosplay – maya-misare

8. Lisanna Strauss Cosplay – YumiYangire

9. Erza Scarlet Cosplay – KeyTaylor

10. Cana Alberona Cosplay – BubblesSonamyluv

If you liked their cosplay as a Fairy Tail character, I recommend you checking their profile just by clicking on their name above, they’ve put the a lot of effort, so you should check their work. This is my opinion on what I think some really good Fairy Tail Female Cosplay are, if you like it share the page with your friends.

There are 11 comments

  1. Jellal Lee

    Mik nghĩ Lucy đẹp nhất. Nhìn Lucy trông rất dễ thương và xinh lắm. Nhìn trông kute quá. Iu quá. :3

    Google Translate: Mik thought the most beautiful Lucy . Lucy looked very cute and looks very pretty . Kute looks too . Iu too . : 3


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