Stern Ritter’s Quincy Vollstandig Enabled! Ichigo’s Call – Bleach 554


Bleach 554 gives the Stern Ritters and Quincy’s a great advantage once more. It’s mentioned that after the stolen Bankai’s are returned to their respective owners. The Stern Ritters gain the ability to open up their Quincy Vollstandig (Literally Meaning Complete), which from what we saw with Kirge Opie, it’s something that can’t be easily defeated. Both Komamura and Shinji face Bambietta to which she enables her Quincy Vollstandig, at the same time Juha Bach had predicted this to which he see’s a number of Vollstandig get enabled!

Bleach 554 begins as Bazz-B notices that Cang Du has already been defeated, from what he previously said, he’s now easily been defeated. He seems to be headed that way too. Toshiro notices that it’s over, and that he goes to Matsumoto to help her. Uryu asks if the Bankai’s have returned to their respective Shinigami’s. To which Uryu mentions that he expected this.

Bambietta Basterbine walks on destroying everything in her way. She mentions that it’ stupid that they’re unhappy that they’ve lost something that didn’t even belong to them. She mentions that her opponent, Komamura isn’t even in Seireitei, the Bankai that left her flew somewhere. She looks back to notice that there is nowhere where she is, she gets pissed off that she’s been talking to herself. And goes crazy calling her girls over there, to which a large explosion is created.

She mentions that she prepared to turn this place into ground zero when Komamura appears, he’s now wearing armor as well as his mask, she mentions that he got there fast considering how far away he was. She asks why he’s got a mask on, he mentions that it’s a gift. Bambietta mentions that she’s going to take it off for him, she mentions that his sense of timing is bad, he’s suppose to get there when Seireitei is about to get leveled. Shinji shows up to mention that if their timing is bad then they aren’t cut out to be heroes.

Shinji also mentions that he isn’t the patient type and he’s not waiting for Seireitei to get turned upside down. Bambietta asks him who he is, out of nowhere Bambietta’s senses change and it’s all turned upside down, she asks what she’s gotten herself into. Shinji mentions that it’s his Zanpakuto, everything is inverted back to front, to which he’s also been practicing inverting his words.

Bambietta mentions that something like that won’t do anything to her, when Shinji tells her it’s not going to work. Shinji mentions that he gets no pleasure on messing around with her, so don’t force him hands. Juha Bach continues on mentioning that he predicted for the Shinigami’s to get their Bankai’s back, Bambietta notices something when Shinji asks himself what she’s doing. Juha Bach mentions that he also expected the Stern Ritters to also get even stronger.

From which Bambietta Basterbine enables her Quincy Vollstandig! She mentions that they weren’t able to use this while having their Bankai’s, therefore after they stole it back, they gave them the ability to reuse their most powerful technique! She mentions that they will come to regret this, having taken their Bankai’s back, in what they call their warmth and hope, they will face great battles. Juha Bach mentions that they’ll experience true despair.  Urahara receives a call from Ichigo! Bleach 554 ends here.

What an awesome chapter, Ichigo is already getting involved, some of the Stern Ritters are already getting prepared to fight back, while the Captains have their Bankai’s back, it seem that they will definitely be pushed in order to call their majestic Bankai’s, to which we’ll finally see it against the different Quincy Vollstandig! Can’t wait for Bleach 555, a number I’ve been looking for!

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    1. nick dunn

      I did see this coming too. From what i saw Bambetta’s unique ability might be the Emotion. She got embraced and angry when Candice, Meninas, Giselle, and Liltotto left her and created a huge Orb of explosive Reishi. I didn’t expect Shinji to battle Bambetta with Sajin. Maybe he’s helping him cause In the winter war Sajin intercepted Kanames attack against him. If Shinji is gonna battle Bambetta he’s most likely gonna need his mask. And i only saw seven Stern Ritter release their Vollständig. Bambetta, Cang Du,BG9, As Nodt obviously did. But i’m not sure about the other three. And Ichigo does come to the Vanderneich he should battle Uryu. So Uryu can finally prove himself to the other Stern Ritter.


  1. dreager1

    Definitely an awesome chapter! Still, I don’t think that it’s Ichigo on the phone. Urahara used san at the end of Ichigo’s name and he doesn’t usually do that. So, I think that Isshin is actually the one who called. It would definitely be a nice twist eh? I’m still waiting for him and Uryu’s dad to get in on the action. (And hopefully lose)


  2. janoosen

    Meh, I’m getting tired of all the back and forth. Whenever the Shinigami start fighting back the Sternritters just pull out a new god mode and it’s getting boring. And I *really* wish Shinji would stop explaining his Zanpakuto’s ability to his enemies, that kind of defeats the entire point of it’s effect don’t you think?

    Chapter was mediocre at best.


    1. Sunite

      I guess but what we’re seeing is only two fights, you’d expect more captains and Stern Ritters to get involved. Plus only 7 Stern Ritters have transformed, meaning 7 Bankai Vice Captains/Captains have obtained their Bankais. We need to go to those fights to see whats happening..


  3. kelvis townsend

    I wonder why yhwach wasn’t wearing his black cloak and I wonder what is the true strength of vollstandig because its completely obvious the stern ritter are not even trying for an example bazz b was creepily confident against facing toshiro’s bankai and ichigo will more than likely face uryu and does anyone wonder what that coward aizen knows something the shingami don’t


    1. nick dunn

      Well like the Shinigami Aizen didn’t know that the Quincy were still around untill he saw Masaki battle and defeat White 30 years ago. Bug I highly doubt he knew the Vandenreich were around. I do believe he knows some what about them like the Royal Gaurd, Shunsui Jushiro Retsu and Mayrui.


  4. jasper

    every one saw it cominq…since the captains qat their bankai’s back…it was obvious that the quincies use a hiqh tech that would counter it…thouqh i had the blut vane in mind….


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