Eren Can Control Titans – Shingeki No Kyojin 50 (Thoughts)

Shingeki No Kyojin 50 (Attack On Titan) showed another side to Eren, after Mikasa calmed him down after noticing that there was a huge Titan behind him, it seems as though Mikasa is going to confess her love for him when he builds up the courage to fight the Titan who’s just eaten Hannes as well as his mother. Every is in trouble as there are no horses or anything to help them get away. Eren uses his newfound power to direct the Titans to this one as well as towards Reiner and Bertholdt, in which Ymir helps them after parting ways with Historia.

Hannes killed by TitanLet’s begin with a death which I had described to have come, it’s just a shame that it was the same Titan that he tried to face when trying to save Eren’s mother. It’s as though his fate was decided and that his prolonged life would haunt him until this exact titan came back to take him out, which is shown here. His death is as shocking to what’s to happen next, it’s true that he would give up his life for Eren and the others, but he didn’t do much here except for give Eren and Mikasa a few moments which brings me to me point.

Eren and Mikasa with lots of Titan'sMikasa quickly notices that there are a number of different sized Titans all around them, as even Jean and Armin are in really bad trouble. She quickly begins to talk in a sweet voice to him, she cries and she does he. It seems as though she’s given up, which only means that Eren will be even more angry and courage towards what his doing. While this happens he quickly punches the Titan facing him, somehow something happens and all the Human Titans notice a type of spark to which Eren’s rage may have activated it, from this a Titan appears and seems to have jumped onto the Titan which killed Hannes and his mother. All the Titans in the surrounding area change their direction and quickly go towards this Titan, everyone notices a change in how Titan’s work, especially Ymir as she now knows why Eren was chased down by Bertholdt and Reiner for so long, it is his power to control Titans and who they attack.

Eren uses special powers to control TitansWe see an example of this when Eren notices both Reiner and Bertholdt chasing after him, he shouts while having Mikasa behind her and they all notice another spark of power when all the Titan quickly head towards them, this again slows them down while Ymir says her goodbye to Historia as she joins to help the Reiner and Bertholdt. It seems like a lot has gone down, and Ymir seems to want to join Bertholdt and Reiner to see what they know about Eren’s powers and how he can control Titans. It also seems that Eren will have to train this ability harder and use it whenever he wants and not just when he’s angry. Overall it was a good chapter, especially as Eren’s able to use a new ability, hopefully now they’ll get back and talk about all the stuff that’s happened, can’t wait for the next Shingeki No Kyojin 51, tell me what you think about this chapter using the comments section.

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  1. janoosen

    Hannes ;_;…you didn’t have much screen time but I’m still gonna miss you buddy, you didn’t deserve a brutal death like that!

    Am I the only one who saw Mikasa’s words as a confession? At least Mikasa’s version of one. It also seemed like Mikasa was leaning in to kiss Eren seeing as she was incredibly close to his face. When he got up and decided to shout instead I pulled a Daxter and said “Will ya kiss her already?!”. Although they both would most likely have died, along with everyone else, if he hadn’t done that.

    Jean better be alright man. Just saying.

    Inb4 training arc where Eren masters Busoshoku (titan hardening) and Haoshoku (control other titans) Haki.


  2. I saw this hairy Titan and was like bitch! Did he throw that horsey.

    Nah…. Eren is not the romantic type. He is to angry grieving the loss of his mother as well as the loss of Hannes. So as predicted he is in agony and mental stress is afresh in his mind right now, and then. I personally don’t think he noticed the kiss coming from his side but even if he did he won’t bother and probably won’t even think of it as a kiss. Would you suspect a person coming from the corner of your eye while angry and assume it’s some kinda kiss! Dunno about you but from me NOPE. Even if Eren does notice his probably like “nah ah busy kicking ass here!”


  3. Gozim (@H1ghB0rn)

    Hahaha. I only just started watching AOT now. I guess I always knew about it, but was waiting for the right time to get into it. Just finished binge-watching it today from season 1 to season 2 (ep 37) in 8 days.
    Obviously, that’s what brought me here. All the manga extracts here were the final scenes of the last episode I just finished watching 5 minutes ago. I WANT MORE.


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