Atlas Flame, The Eternal Flame! – Fairy Tail 352


Fairy Tail 352 see’s the end of the fight between Natsu and the Bird. After Gray releases the ice trap, they don’t spot any flame when Wendy realises that there are still some residual flames left. They see that the altar has a very small flame left. Natsu realises this and quickly directs the bird towards the fire as well as attacking that spot with everything he’s got. We see a massive reveal that the Eternal Flame is in fact Atlas Flame!

Fairy Tail 352 begins with the flame itself not being there after Gray removes the Ice on it. Everyone realises that what has just happened is impossible, Carla mentions that it could have already been gone before it was frozen, Gray blames himself and won’t be able to help the giants in any way. Flare mentions that such a flame that had been burning for centuries has gone out, and the village could be doomed.

Wendy shouts at them telling them that it’s not gone, she can still feel strong residual thoughts, Lucy spots the altar, in there is a very small flame which is still going. Wendy shouts that Natsu is the only one able to restore the flame, which he’s quickly told while he fights the Bird creature.

The bird and him keep going at each other, Natsu holds the bird and flings it, but it uses another eye technique allowing him to create a laser like attack which gets Natsu, it then goes towards the villagers, however Natsu quickly engages his fire-breathing technique. He uses a villagers head to jump himself off from, then hits the bird with such high-speed, using his Brilliant Flame, he gets the bird on the altar.

Natsu then engages all his attacks from fire attacks to ones which do a lot of damage such as the Dragon Slayer’s Secret Art, Crimson Lotus Exploding Flame Blade! Even Minerva and Erza notice the ruckus in which Natsu is making, Lucy notices that he’s going overboard once more.

The bird is practically burnt now, everyone quickly notices that the flame is clearly back now! Flare cries in front of it while mentioning that the Guardian Spirit is back! Natsu, Lucy, Wendy and Gray all notice that they’ve seen this before. They clearly now know that the flame is not just an ordinary flame. They mention that it was him all along! Atlas Flame appears, he mentions to Natsu that it’s been 400 years, calling him the Son of Igneel! Fairy Tail 352 ends here.

A great chapter, even I didn’t know that this flame could be Atlas Flame, a reader (M.K.) had mentioned this a while ago to which he was clearly on the ball. I had an idea that it could have been Atlas Flame but wasn’t too sure. Can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 353, titled “The Dark Magic’s Purification” to which it seems like the ice will be wiped out and Giants back.


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    1. Sunite

      Haha neither did I, although I had a thought that Atlas Flame could be the eternal flame from a reader here. I really want to see happens next and his backstory to how he’s the Eternal Flame…


  1. M.K.

    I had kinda expected that since mashima had made that announcement about the new character, the flame disappears, there’s still some flame left, the 2 dragon slayers feel a great power and hear a voice, u put 2+2+2+2 together u get 8


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