Sasuke Goes To Battlefield! Reinforcements Follow – Naruto Shippuden 330

Sasuke Uchiha Goes to Battlefield Naruto
Naruto Shippuden 330 inspires all current shinobi’s as Inoichi transmits a message to everyone telling them that Naruto and Bee are going hard, they are pushing back Tobi with all their might. Once they’re all pumped up we see a sight in which we’ve not seen in a while, Sasuke Uchiha appears walking in the rain as he also goes towards the battlefield. Everyone is pumped up for the fight and to help Naruto.

Naruto Shippuden 330 begins with a song in which Naruto tells us the names of the Jinchuuriki’s as well as their beasts. Shukaku with Gaara, Matatabi with Yugito Nii, Isobu with Yagura, Son Goku with Roshi, Kokuo with Han, Saiken with Utakata, Chomei with Fu, Gyuki with Killer Bee and finally Kurama with Naruto. It’s a nice little counting song involving all of the great shinobi’s.

We then go to Neji and two others in which they’re talking about how there is an even more powerful Shinobi, with the name of Madara Uchiha. This specifically being the real one. They talk however Neji tells them to concentrate on the mission. They see two Zetsu’s in which they chase down and kill. The two talkative shinobi’s keep talking when the Zetsu comes alive, fortunately Neji saves their life.

They look towards the frontline. Shukaku see’s that person has fallen down as they’re too tired. He notices that everyone there is tired and needs to rest. He begins by telling everyone that they’re entering the final stage and can’t afford to make a mistake, he tells them that he’s counting on them. The sensory unit mention that they’re not close to giving up. The communication unit, especially Inoichi makes them laugh, they seem to have lost some of that anxiety.

The sensory unit notice the two great Bijuu Dama’s in which it exploded in the sky, with its massive scale. Even Neji notices the shocks and the noise over the mountains. Naruto is thanked for his effort. Tobi returns the Beasts to the Gedo Mazo. Naruto mentions that he’s learned hard names all at once. Naruto mocks Tobi, Guy mentions that Naruto has gained a lot of strength and experience making him seem old, Kakashi tries to make Guy even worse.

Tobi goes to hold his Gunbai when he notices that he’s sweating however he realises that it’s raining. He goes on to mention that he knows what Naruto’s limits are, and that he’s only to test out Naruto. The Sensory unit notice a change in Naruto’s powers, they’ve noticed something very different. Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy are all pushing Tobi back.

Inoichi is given the opportunity to tell everyone that Naruto is going on a head with all he can, he’s got a mighty heart and that they should go there and help Naruto, they must all protect Naruto and Bee. Kakashi and Bee are also there too. Inoichi realises that he’s been talking for a longer time than usual. However he passes on his message.

We see a large number of reinforcement units. Hinata mentions that she’s been running after Naruto, however when the war is over, she will stop running, she will stand by him, holding his hand. She will walk by his side, thus he should wait for her. Kiba mentions that he’s marked Naruto as a rival and that he should hang on. Shino will help him with his ninjutsu. Shikamaru is doing a good job, however he needs a sharp guy, that is why he’s there. Choji is no longer fat, and that Naruto is holding on, so he’ll have be a smart Naruto. Shikamaru also gives him his strength.

Ino thanks her dad for sending such a good message. He’s been able to transmit Naruto’s mighty heart. Tenten also gives her message. Sai and Rock Lee both are excited to help Naruto and the others out. Sakura is happy that Naruto’s saved the Hidden Village, now he’s about to safe the whole world. He can’t do it alone, that is why she’s going there to help. We see a set of footsteps to which we quickly find out that the notorious Sasuke Uchiha is also going to the battlefield! Naruto Shippuden 330 ends here.

What an awesome episode, although it was filled with some repeats, it wasn’t too bad. It has built up a great story to which a lot of stuff is about to happen. We’ll join Suigetsu and Jugo during next week’s episode, as well as Sasuke and Karin. Can’t wait for next week’s Naruto Shippuden 331, titled “Eye That See In The Dark”.

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