Hollow With A Blade – Hollow Ichigo Kurosaki

breaking_through_by_futuretabs-d6l1oj3Ichigo Kurosaki, a Man, Shinigami, Hollow and now Quincy. Ichigo is literally a being which has never seen before within the Bleach world. The concept art above makes me jump in excitement that such awesome form and art are still available for Ichigo Kurosaki. Ichigo has developed a similar form to this during his battle against Ulquiorra Cifer within Hueco Mundo. Although Ichigo has gained new powers and even stronger reiatsu, it seems that this form may no longer appear as this was the official form which Hichigo had when Ichigo longer had control.

So what do you think of this awesome and fantastic artwork, do you like it and if you do, would you want to see it once more during the manga and anime. If you like it, I suggest you go check out the person who coloured it, Futuretabs. And the person who made the artwork, MangakaOfficial.

What do you think?

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